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Meet the Staff Interview Series – Nok

I’m going to preface this interview a little bit. I had the wonderful opprotunity to meet Nok at PAX 2009 in Seattle along with Dor of Stratics and a bunch of other folks I had worked with from other sites past and present. Nok will have a different interview in the future regarding the GameXBars and a few other topics, but this topic is just to get to know him better, about what he’s doing wtih UOForums/EOGamer and his experiences in UO. It is a delightful read and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Moniker used on site?

Where did your nickname come from?
An old Advanced Dungeons & Dragons character I had back in the 80’s & 90’s while playing with some friends called the ACES.


Where are you from?
Los Angeles, California.

What did you do prior to joining UOForums?
Same I as do now, browse countless fan sites looking for those have something to offer to the communities they serve.

Why did you join UOForums?
UOF is unique. It has a pretty open, friendly and knowledgeable membership. It is also well managed, moderated and organized.

What are your responsibilities with UOForums/EOGamer?
To help promote the UOForums Partner Site Program… sort of a liaison and sounding board between fan sites in the community.

What are your goals for UOForums/EOGamer?
To see UOF/EOG grow not only in membership, but also a center point in the UO and MMO communities.

What MMOs do you play?
Currently… none.

What console/non-MMOs do you play?
I don’t have a modern console… I’m a pretty dedicated PC gamer. Non-MMO games? Assassin’s Creed, Blur, Civilization V, DiRT, Dragon Age, and a few Facebook puzzle games.

What is your favorite play style? Why?
Usually PvM and RP, I enjoy the camaraderie, and role playing with live players. I love PvP sometimes, but not big on the smack talk and immaturity that unfortunately comes with a few people sometimes.

What is your favorite MMO? Why?
Ultima Online. Notice any hesitation there? UO just has a depth, breadth & freedom that most other MMOs still have yet to match. I do like LOTRO, WAR, and WoW too. Although while playing the beta, SWTOR has gotten me very interested in playing it.

What’s your favorite console? Why?
None. Too proprietary, too over-priced, lacks upgrade-ability and value. The current modern consoles average about 6 years old; and Microsoft, Nintendo & Sony won’t commit to new consoles even being in the design stages… so they release new controllers. A decent PC gaming rig will smoke the current consoles. If I had the money for a console, I would put my money toward a new PC component instead (more faster RAM, a SSD, better video, etc.)

What’s your favorite non-MMO game? Why?
Currently, the Mass Effect 3 demo… makes me break into a sweat. Also anything that runs on my 3 multi-monitor Eyefinity setup.

What was the first game you played?
Did I mention I am 51?! Chutes & Ladders or Operation. Oh, you meant video game… Atari Pong System in 1975.

What is your favorite game genre?
Role playing… the bigger and more epic, the better.

What do you look for in games?
Great story, exploration, surprises, and smart humor. NCSoft’s shuttered F2P (before F2P became popular) game Dungeon Runners is still the funniest game I’ve ever played… the NPC dialog was hilarious with top notch celebrity impersonations (like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sean Connery and others had me falling off my chair).

What is your “claim to fame”?
In gaming? Publisher of GameXbar.

Hobbies outside of gaming?
Cars (’08 G6 GXP & ’67 Camaro RS), film/music/tech buff, outdoors… getting out & off the grid once in a while.

If you were to design your “perfect” MMO, what would it be like?
I don’t believe there is that much storage on the Internet to answer that. Ack! *gag-cough-choke* Okay, okay… you can stop throttling my neck now Kayhynn! Kingdoms Of Amalar: Reckoning-looking, a World of Warcraft-sized population using a GameXbar, the Star Wars: The Old Republic community team, a dev team headhunted from Bethesda, BioWare, Blizzard, CCP, Codemasters and others… all focused on a Ultima Online 2. Yup, total fantasy.

Anything else you want to share with us?
Tacos anyone?

For those of you that still play/played UO, please answer these as well:

When did you start playing Ultima Online?
March of 1998. I bought UO when it launched, but I didn’t sign up because the idea of paying a subscription to play a game was new. But by March some local friends talked me into it… I was hooked.

What is your fondest memory from the game? (this can be a guild event, EM event, something unique that happened, whatever is something you still remember to this day)?
Told this story many times, but here it goes. Those same friends that got me playing UO took me to the guild house in Southern Yew to help me train Nok as a swordsman. So there I am swinging away on a bear while they kept me healed up. The battle is epic, swinging, parrying, swinging, the running, the screaming like a girl, trying not to panic… I finally almost had the bear’s health down to it’s last few points, but so was I. I knew I had it, just a few more swings. Next thing you know… they heal the bear (you could do that at one time), I died, and they busted up laughing. Evil dawgs, they totally set me up for it.

How long have you played UO?
14 years… until just recently.

What is your main shard you play on and why?
Baja… from beginning to end. It was the shard I started on and developed some great friendships.

What’s your favorite character build?
Kind of a tie between my warrior, and my mage/fisher.

Do you have any interesting character names? If so, what are they and how did they come about?
Pershing, named after one of my grandfathers… an old family name.

If you could get the devs to change one thing in the game, what would it be?
In the actual game? The guild system need modernizing. Outside but for the game? The community program.

Why do you still play this game?
Unfortunately I don’t. I recently closed my accounts.

If you had one piece of advise to offer new players, what would it be?
If you’ve played other MMOs, leave your expectations at the door. If you’ve never played a MMO before… ask, create, do, explore, fail, mine, swing, tame, let your imagination carry you away in the multiverse that is Ultima. Outside the game, explore the community fan sites… if you ask for it, the community will help. UO players are as dedicated as the game is big, they are the game’s best resource.

Meet the Staff Interview Series – Kattster

This interview introduces folks to Kattster, one of our Lineage 2 Quest Guide writers as well as having contributed to some of the fan fiction for Lineage 2. Learn more about her below.

Moniker used on site?

Where did your nickname come from?
I started playing Lineage 2 with the nick Katone (I typed in random letters). I was in Oren one day, and I saw a human female archer, and said, “I want an orange character.”  I made Kattster, she became my main and I’ve used the alias ever since.


Where are you from?
Wisconsin, United States

What did you do prior to joining EOGamer? 
Freelance work mostly, requests for GIMP images as well.

Why did you join EOGamer?
I saw that they were looking for more staff, and it was really something I wanted to try. It just kind of felt right to me.

What do/did you do for EOGamer?
I did a lot of quest guides. I would still like to do more, but with schooling taking up my time, and not being able to log into Lineage 2 because of server traffic, it’s not looking so great.

What MMOs do you play?

  • Lineage 2
  • Guild Wars
  • WoW when they hand out free time
  • At one point I did play Forsaken World, but got bored with it around level 34.

What console/non-MMOs do you play?

What is your favorite play style? Why?
I enjoy RPGs the most. I like story lines and advancing, but I also like how interactive it is.

What is your favorite MMO? Why?
Probably Lineage 2. I made plenty of friends on L2, I don’t mind the grind and it helps me escape.

What is your favorite console? Why?
None. I don’t currently own any.

What is your favorite non-MMO game? Why?

What was the first game you played?
Guild Wars, back when it first came out.

What is your favorite game genre?

What do you look for in games?
A good story line, good mechanics, good texturing, and no cheesy scripting.

What is your “claim to fame”?
I got an offer to sell my artwork online from a contractor. Unfortunately, I was eight. My mother had to turn down the offer.

Hobbies outside of gaming?
Painting, drawing, sketching, acting, singing, playing trumpet and french horn, studying English, photoshopping, playing Sims 3, and writing.

If you were to design your “perfect” MMO, what would it be like?
It’s actually really funny that this is a question. I actually am looking at building a game, because I have a pretty good idea for it.
Five main races to represent the five elements, earth, fire, water, air, and Spirit. Well, actually it’s six main races. For Spirit there are two: Geist and Alp. The Geist is a more advanced being on the “good” side, and the Alp is just a resurrected Geist, therefore “bad.”
The extra races are human, elf, and most likely dwarves, with selectable affinities.
I don’t want to give too much away.

Anything else you want to share with us?
I think I just about covered it.

When did you start playing Lineage 2?
I started in C1, but became bored with it as I was young and it took a month to get to level 20. I then came back to it in December of 2008, and have been playing a little over three years.

What is your fondest memory from the game? (this can be a clan event, GM/Server event, something unique that happened, whatever is something you still remember to this day)?
Honestly, so much has happened for me in Lineage 2, that I really can’t recount anything particularly special. Nothing stands out to me, because everything was on equal levels of amazing-ness.

How long have you played Lineage 2?
Three years, and counting.

What is the main server you play on and why?
Chronos. I started on Bartz and with the server merges, I ended up on Chronos. I’m actually kind of ticked that they named the newbie server Bartz.

What’s your favorite character class?
It’s a tie between Duelist and Eva’s Saint. My main duelist is subbed Eva’s Saint, and I’m in love with both.

Do you have any interesting character names? If so, what are they and how did they come about?

  • Pandimonica + MechaPanda – I just like pandas
  • Katone + Kattster
  • Katsa – The name of the main character in a story I read once
  • Aemik – Sometimes I just throw random letters together

If you could get the devs to change one thing in the game, what would it be?
Ban the newbs.

Why do you still play this game?
I don’t think I could go without talking to my buddies once in a while, I would feel bad if I just left them behind. That, and I have a Wizard Hat.

If you had one piece of advise to offer new players, what would it be?
Quit, it’ll stop the lag. Just kidding. I would say that you shouldn’t start asking questions right away. Coax yourself into the game, and learn through experience. Free Item Code Giveaway is helping up celebrate Lineage II’s 8th anniversary by giving away free codes for your own Ruthless Tribe Mask! Sign-up at their website and you can claim a serial code for one Ruthless Tribe Mask one-slot head accessory which can be used for a 7-day limited period. The item comes with a special skill: Agility, which increases Evasion rate by 4 for 1 hour and can be reused every 24 hours.

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Have questions or comments about the NCoin promo? Join the discussion on the official Lineage II forums

8th Anniversary Celebration – Apr 25 – June 6, 2012

All sorts of information is available on the Official Lineage 2 site regarding the upcoming events calendar for the 8th Anniversary Celebration.

Check out the website here for more information.

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