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8th Anniversary Celebration – Apr 25 – June 6, 2012

All sorts of information is available on the Official Lineage 2 site regarding the upcoming events calendar for the 8th Anniversary Celebration.

Check out the website here for more information.

Anniversary Code Giveaway:

The first of the 8th Anniversary Item Code Giveaways is revealed! Coinciding with our live interview with today, the partner site is giving out free codes to anyone that logs in to their site and claims one. Visit MMORPG.comand claim your code for a free 7-day Phoenix Agathion with debuff removal skill.

Vitality Unleashed

Sharpen your swords and dust off your robes—it’s time to XP like crazy! With Vitality Unleashed, you are no longer limited to only 7 Vitality items per week across your account. Instead, it’s limitless! (Well, okay, the limit is 999–but it will truly be a feat if you can use that many in 7 days.) So get ready to guzzle down Vitality potions while you hunt with increased Vitality boosts for a whole week!

Event Duration

February 29, 2012: Event begins when the regularly weekly server maintenance ends.

March 7, 2012: Event ends when the weekly regular server maintenance starts.

Discuss this event on the official Lineage II forums.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Celebrate the season of romance with the Valentine Cakes event. Details below!

Valentine Cakes

Help spread the Love! The Goddess Aphrodite has sent her faithful servant, Valentine Messenger Queen of Hearts, to foster love, loyalty and affection across the world of Aden. But Alas! As love and generosity are abhorred by them, some greedy monsters are bent on thwarting the spread of this infectious and debilitating disease. Without the cakes, she fears that she will fail Aphrodite.

Event Details
Find the Valentine Messenger Queen of Hearts in all major towns to begin your personal Valentine’s Day celebration. Speak with her to receive a free Recipe: Valentine Cake. Learn this recipe by registering it to your Common Craft recipe book. To do this, simply double-click on the item in your inventory. There are three ingredients needed to make the cake: (10) Dark Chocolate, *19) White Chocolate and (5) Creme Fraiche. These items can be obtained by killing monsters. Once you have all the ingredients, you can then attempt to make the Valentine Cake. Please note that the Valentine Cake crafting recipe has a 95% success rate.

There’s also a new update to theNCoin stores, including permanent mounts, accessories and more.

October Bonanza

When the days grow short, we return to things that give us lasting happiness: to hearth, home, comfort food, and playing with friends. In this season of harvest cheer, many of you enjoy testing your game skills along with your Lineage® II companions. We want to share that warmth and convivial spirit with you and offer you our heartfelt gratitude to you and the achievements you have made in Lineage II!

Learn more about the events of the October Bonanza by clicking on the lInks below.

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