Meet the Staff Interview Series – Rupert Avery

Moniker used on site? 
Rupert Avery

Where did your nickname come from? 
A series of books by Raymond E. Feist.


Where are you from? 

What did you do prior to joining UOForums? 
I was a trader in UO.

Why did you join UOForums? 
I wanted to learn about how to run forums and the site as a whole while helping the community.

What are your responsibilities with UOForums/EOGamer? 
I am a recently promoted administrator of UOForums. I was previously a junior admin, which basically means I was learning the ropes. I do the Establishment of the Week interviews & I run Ultima Auctions. I also helped create UOGuilds.

What are your goals for UOForums/EOGamer? 
To see the sites grow, create new and innovative tools for the Ultima Online Community which could also be used in some of the other games UOForums/EOGamer covers.

What MMOs do you play? 
Ultima Online is the only one I actually play, I have tried others though.

What console/non-MMOs do you play? 
XBOX 360 for the win! I play pretty much anything that isn’t sports or driving games, but I prefer RTS, RPG & FPS.

What is your favorite play style? Why? 
I like the idea of being a trader in UO as it’s something that uses no in-game skills but is still an art.

What is your favorite MMO? Why? 
Ultima Online because it is so vast and varied; it is what you make it.

What’s your favorite console? Why? 
Xbox 360 because it has a vast number of games and not too expensive. We have a Wii in the house as well.

What’s your favorite non-MMO game? Why?
I have had many. My favourite right now is between Assasin’s Creed or Shogan 2: Total War.

What was the first game you played? 
It was a game on the Sega Master system 2 when I was in hospital getting a heart operation at the tender age of 5.. the game was Operation Wolf and used a gun 🙂

What is your favorite game genre? 
Real time strategies.

What do you look for in games? 
Longevity, either single player or multi player.

What is your “claim to fame”? 
I don’t know if I have one.. I am known in my work as being cheeky… in a good way!

Hobbies outside of gaming?
My 3 kids take up my time 🙂

If you were to design your “perfect” MMO, what would it be like?
It would be like UO…

Anything else you want to share with us? 
I like Blackberry Mobile Phones!

When did you start playing Ultima Online? 
I had my first account when I was 13, back around 1999/2000 when we had a 56k modem and my mum paid for it. Sadly I don’t have that account anymore. I stopped playing until about 2002 and its been on and off since then. I have paid for 6 years worth since August 2002 according to the account age.

What is your fondest memory from the game? (this can be a guild event, EM event, something unique that happened, whatever is something you still remember to this day)? 
A long time ago, before Tram, I was in a guild that set up guild battles in T2A. There was a big open field and 2 or 3 guilds would swap members and we would put on different coloured robes and just battle it out. Also, we would do king of the hill etc. It was a good laugh. 🙂 I think the guild abbreviation was BDA. Other than that, when I finally worked my way up to owning a Luna house. I started out from Moonglow under the name Kinglsey and the shop Flourish & Blotts.

How long have you played UO? 
On and off for 12 years, but had some rather large breaks and new accounts. My oldest account is 6 years.

What is your main shard you play on and why? 
Europa because I am from Scotland and the time zone makes more sense. However I do trades on all shards.

What’s your favorite character build? 
I like roleplaying characters that are what they are supposed to be.

Do you have any interesting character names? If so, what are they and how did they come about?
I had one on my very first account named Koranian. A friend of mine said it, so it stuck. He was a mage.

If you could get the devs to change one thing in the game, what would it be? 
More help for newbies to keep them around.

Why do you still play this game?
I love it!

If you had one piece of advise to offer new players, what would it be?
Stick with it. You need to make your game in UO. It wont play for you.

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