A Dark Twilight

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Minimum Level: 60 Party: .
Start Location: Valley of Saints Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Hierarch Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: 162,773 exp & 12,500 sp or adena

1 This quest starts with Hierarch who is in the Valley of Saints in the cave in the green valley near the Rune Township port in spot. There are several NPCs called Hierarch and any one will do.

He asks you to hunt mobs in the Valley of Saints and bring back 300 Blood of Saints.

Adarktwilight1.jpg Adarktwilight2.jpg Adarktwilight3.jpg

2 The mobs range all over the Valley of Saints. The drop rate appeared to be 100%. The duplicating mobs like Blade of Splendor, Punishment of Splendor and Wailing of Splendor are good to go after because it is like two mobs in one since they split almost every time. It should be noted that the Hierarch mentioned a "Seal of Splendor" but it is called "Signet of Splendor" and "Vengeance of Splendor" is "Punishment of Splendor".

Adarktwilight4.jpg Adarktwilight5.jpg Adarktwilight6.jpg Adarktwilight7.jpg Adarktwilight8.jpg Adarktwilight9.jpg

3 Then head back to any Hierarch and choose your reward. I went with exp/sp and got 162,773 exp and 12,500 sp.

Adarktwilight10.jpg Adarktwilight11.jpg Adarktwilight12.jpg