A Game of Cards

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Minimum Level: 61 Party: .
Start Location: Aden Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Klump Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: EADx2 or EWD or EWC or EWA or EAB or EWS

1 This quest starts in the Aden in the Warehouse with Warehouse keeper Klump. He asks if you want to play a card game but there is a catch much like all the other warehouse keepers games, you must bring back 50 Red Gems first.

Agameofcards1.jpg Agameofcards2.jpg Agameofcards3.jpg Agameofcards4.jpg

He gives you a list of mobs to choose from, when you kill these mobs you will earn 1 of the Red Gems. The drop rate isn't very good, to get 50 it takes about 2 hours of exping from my experience.

2 Once you have 50 of these return back to Klump.


3 The game seems to be completely non skilled based, you just turn over all your card and see if you won or lost. Possible rewards are two EAD, EWC, EWC, EWA, EAB, EWS.

Agameofcards6.jpg Agameofcards7.jpg Agameofcards8.jpg Agameofcards9.jpg Agameofcards10.jpg Agameofcards11.jpg Agameofcards12.jpg