A Looter and a Railroad Man

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Minimum Level: 30 Party: .
Start Location: Railway Station northeast of Schuttgart Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Obi Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: 21,698a

by Elmar

1) This quest starts with Railroad Worker Obi in the Railway Station northeast of Schuttgart.

Looterandrailroadman1.jpg Looterandrailroadman2.jpg

2) Obi complains about the security situation having seriously deteriorated since the Railway Station was mothballed and asks you to kill the Bandits infesting the area. As a proof he wants you to bring back 200 of the animal teeth the Bandits use as a mark of their membership in the Thief Guild. Their commander, Rayito the Looter, is a lvl 37 Raid Boss at the Brigand Stronghold. Don't touch him.

Looterandrailroadman3.jpg Looterandrailroadman4.jpg Looterandrailroadman5.jpg

3) Bandits can be found all around the Railway Station. The easier Bandit Sweepers (lvl 30, aggressive) and Bandit Hounds (lvl 31, aggressive) to the north, Bandit Watchmen (lvl 32, passive), Bandit Undertakers (lvl 24, passive), Bandit Assassins (lvl 35, aggressive), Bandit Warriors (lvl 36, aggressive), Bandit Inspectors (lvl 37, aggressive) and Bandit Captains (lvl 40, aggressive) as you go south towards Schuttgart. For about every other kill you get a Thief Guild's Mark.

Looterandrailroadman6.jpg Looterandrailroadman7.jpg Looterandrailroadman8.jpg Looterandrailroadman9.jpg

Looterandrailroadman10.jpg Looterandrailroadman11.jpg Looterandrailroadman12.jpg Looterandrailroadman13.jpg

Looterandrailroadman14.jpg Looterandrailroadman15.jpg Looterandrailroadman16.jpg

4) When you have 200 Thief Guild's Marks, return to Obi. He will reward you with 21,698a.

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