A Special Order

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Minimum Level: 40 Party: .
Start Location: Town of Giran Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Helvetia Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: Wondrous Cubic

1  This quest can be picked up at level 40, and if you intend to do the manoring option (see step 5 and onwards) you should not be higher than 43 or 44, otherwise you won't be able to plant the lower level seeds any more. First talk to trader Helvetia in the Grocery in the Town of Giran.

Aspecialorder1.jpg Aspecialorder2.jpg

2  There are two ways this quest can go. In the one branch Helvetia sends you to Fishing Guild Member O'Fulle who is standing in the same room, somewhat to the left of her.

Aspecialorder3.jpg Aspecialorder4.jpg Aspecialorder5.jpg

3  O'Fulle has completely forgotten about Helvetia's order and asks you to get the fish yourself.


Aspecialorder7.jpg Aspecialorder8.jpg Aspecialorder9.jpg Aspecialorder10.jpg

4  To catch the Orange Fish O'Fulle resp. Helvetia wants, you need Fishing Expertise lvl 14, and to get Orange Nimble Fish, Orange Ugly Fish and Oramge Fat Fish you best buy lures of all three colours. Nimble Fish prefer green lures, Ugly Fish prefer yellow lures and Fat Fish prefer purple lures. If your Fishing Expertise is too high, you can purchase a Fisherman's Potion - Orange from O'Fulle which will lower your Expertise into the necessary range for 1 hour.

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5  If you have never learned fishing it is probably better to abort the quest at this point and start again until Helvetia sends you to Warehouse Chief Gesto to get a jar of seeds for her.

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6  Gesto is in the main Warehouse, not far from the Grocery.

Aspecialorder18.jpg Aspecialorder19.jpg

7  What Gesto says is misleading. For the quest you do NOT need seeds but FRUIT. But to get the fruit - if you do not want to buy it from other players - you must first obtain seeds for Thorn Cobol, Golden Cobol and Great Cobol from the Manor Manager.

Aspecialorder20.jpg Aspecialorder21.jpg Aspecialorder22.jpg Aspecialorder23.jpg

8  There is a Manor Manager in every town. In Giran you find one in the Grocery courtyard and one on the south side of the central square.

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9  Since not all seeds germinate, I would recommend to buy not 40 but 50 of each kind. If you do not already have it, you also need a Harvester.

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10  Thorn Cobol grow best in monsters of level 40 plus/minus 5, Golden Cobol grow best in monsters of level 43 plus/minus 5 and Great Cobol grow best in monsters of level 46 plus/minus 5. Since I bought my seeds in Dwarven Village, i.e. the Schuttgart Manor, I chose the Bandits south of the Railway Station to plant them, which has the additional advantage that you can combine this with A Looter and a Railroad Man for a second income. With a level 42/43 character I got best results with all three kinds of seeds from Bandit Inspectors (lvl 37, aggressive), Bandit Captains (lvl 40, aggressive) and the occasional Frozen Wasteland Werewolf (lvl 38, passive).

Aspecialorder30.jpg Aspecialorder31.jpg Aspecialorder32.jpg Aspecialorder33.jpg

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11  When you have 40 of each kind of fruit, return to Warehouse Chief Gesto in Giran. He will take the Cobol and send you to Helvetia with a seed jar. Presumably he has cut open the fruit and dug the seeds out.

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12  When you give Helvetia the jar, she rewards you with a Wondrous Cubic, which goes into your regular inventory. You can store it in your warehouse, but neither drop nor sell it.

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13  Once every 24 hours real time you can double-click the cube and obtain at random either a Rough or a Fine Cubic Piece in various colours.

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14  Take the Cubic Piece to any Warehouse Freightman and click on "Purchase an item with a Cubic piece". Then a list with Enchantment Scrolls for weapons and armor from D-Grade to S-Grade will appear.

Aspecialorder47.jpg Aspecialorder48.jpg

In addition to the Cubic Pieces you still have to give the Freightman some cash. Here the prices:

  • EAD = 1 Rough Blue Cubic Piece + 18,000a
  • EWD = 1 Fine Blue Cubic Piece + 150,000a
  • EAC = 1 Rough Yellow Cubic Piece + 45,000a
  • EWC = 1 Fine Yellow Cubic Piece + 330,000a
  • EAB = 1 Rough Green Cubic Piece + 80,000a
  • EWB = 1 Fine Green Cubic Piece + 1,500,000a
  • EAA = 1 Rough Red Cubic Piece + 720,000a
  • EWA = 1 Fine Red Cubic Piece + 5,400,000a
  • EAS = 1 Rough White Cubic Piece + 1,500,000a
  • EWS = 1 Fine White Cubic Piece + 15,000,000a