A Trap for Revenge

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Minimum Level: 78 Party: -
Start Location: Gracia Repeatable: yes
Start NPC: Plenos Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Freya
Rewards: Adena

PreStep 1  Head to Gracia via the Gludio Airship. You can get there for 150K adena by talking to the Gracia Survivor who stands near the gatekeeper in most towns, except Hunters Village, Gludin and starter towns OR you can visit the regular gatekeeper in Gludio or Talking Island and travel there for free.

Once you arrive at the airship field, head north to the Airship Controller. Wait for the ship to arrive and then talk to the controller to board the ship. The ship only lands for a minute a time, so pay attention when you're waiting to board. Also, be careful becuase the ship is not in a peacezone. You will then be taken to Keucereus Alliance Base.

PreStep 2  Complete the Good Day to Fly quest.

1 Visit soldier Plenos found on the Keucereus Alliance Base of Gracia.

Plenos1.jpg Revenge1.jpg Revenge2.jpg Revenge3.jpg

2 He sends you off to visit soldier Tenius who can be found on the floor below.

Tenius1.jpg Revenge4.jpg Revenge5.jpg Revenge6.jpg

3 Tenius requests for you to hunt some mobs in order to collect 100 Drake's Flesh. The monsters to hunt are Drak, Drake Wing or Mutated Drake Wing. These can all be found north of the Seed of Destruction.

Revenge7.jpg Revenge9.jpg Revenge8.jpg

4 Once you obtain 100 Drake's Flesh, head back to Tenius. He hands you a Rotten Blood in return and tells you to see Lekon in order for him to finish with the making of the trap.

Revenge10.jpg Revenge11.jpg Revenge12.jpg Revenge13.jpg

5 Visit Engineer Lekon found near the waterfall. He needs 100 Extracted Red Star Stones. For this, you will have had to either purchase the Expert Text - Star Stone Extraction Skill spellbook from Officer Tolonis who stands nearby, or complete the Collecting in the Air quest to obtain it.

Revenge15.jpg Revenge16.jpg Revenge17.jpg

6 Locate Red Star Stone's in order to obtain Extracted Red Star Stone's. These can be found north of the Keucereus Alliance Base as shown on the map, but be careful as there are some mobs out there that are agro.

Revenge18.jpg Revenge19.jpg

7 Once you have 100 Extracted Red Star Stone's, return to Lekon. In return, he hands you Bait for Drakes.

Revenge20.jpg Revenge21.jpg Revenge22.jpg

8 When the seed of Destruction is occupied, you can use the bait on a Mutated Drake Wing in order to spawn Raid boss Dius.