Adepts of Taste

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I'd like to preface this by stating this is probably the worst quest in existance as far as effort versus reward is involved. I wouldn't suggest anyone bother with it, especially considering when it's combined with the Grand Feast quest, it's even more so NOT WORTH IT. You've been warned.

1) This quest starts with Jonas who is in the Warehouse in Dion. He asks that you talk to several people to help him with some food he's making.

Adeptoftaste1.jpg Adeptoftaste2.jpg

2) Almost everyone is in Dion, and one is in Floran. Starting with Guard Jacob, who is near the town exit by the Temple. He asks that you hunt Bloody Bees or Stinger Wasps to collect 20 bottles of Nectar, or 10 Royal Jelly, which is the "premium" ingrediant. It takes SO LONG to get all the Royal Jelly you'll end up getting all the regular Nectars as well. The Royal Jelly will take forever and a day to get, the drop rate is probably 1/20. The regular nectar is 100% drop.


Bloody Bees can be found near the Plains of Dion and Stinger Wasps are in Cruma Swamps. I went with the Stinger Wasps because you need other items in the same area.


3) Trader Sonia is in the Dion Grocery shop and she wants 40 Red Mandragora Roots or 40 White Mandragora Roots, the white ones are the rare ingredients. This works just like the Royal Jelly and the drop rate for the White Roots is roughly 1/40 so you'll be killing a RIDICULOUS amount of mobs.

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Any of the Mandragora mobs work and they can be found near the Execution Grounds.


4) Priestess Glyvka is in the Dion Temple and she wants 20 bundles of Green Moss, or the rare kind which is Red Moss. Again, the drop rate on the rare Red Moss is around 1/20. So if you've been keeping track, at this point if you choose to go after the rare ingredients you're looking at killing an estimated 800 mobs.

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5) Down in Floran speak to Grocer Pano and he asks that you kill Hobgoblins. 30 of them, and they can be found just outside of the town of Dion. There are no extra special ingrediants from this guy.

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6) Also in Dion Temple talk to Magister Rollant and he wants you to hunt Monster Eye Searchers and Gazers to get their meat, and he needs 30. The meat drops in sets of 2 and 3 and Searchers are right outside of Dion so it's not too bad. There are no special ingredients here either.

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7) Then return to everyone in no particular order for your items, I did the rare ingrediants for this quest.

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8) Return to Jonas, he gives you a dish based on what ingredients you brought back and sends you to Mirien who is in Dion Temple.


9) Mirien rates the dish and sends you back to Jonas.


10) If you did the rare items, Jonas rewards you with adena and his Sauce recipe (and 12,200a), Steak Recipe, or Salad recipe. I'm not sure if it's random based on bringing ALL the rare items in, or only some rare items. As getting all the rare items takes hours on end, I wasn't willing to give it another go to find out. Sorry. If you do the regularingredients you will get 10,000 adena and no recipe. The recipe is needed for the Grand Feast quest which is even more terrible than this one if you can believe it.