Alliance with the Ketra Orcs

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Minimum Level: 74 Party: Party/Solo
Start Location: Ketra Orc Outpost Repeatable: -
Start NPC: Wahkan Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Requirements: -
Rewards: Alliance with the Ketra Orcs

by EllieBelly

1 This quest starts with Wahkan just north of the Town of Goddard on the path to the Ketra Orc Outpost. The basics of the alliance is there are 5 levels, you'll need level 1 for Third Class Changes and will need 2 raid bosses to get the higher levels. And of course, if you attack any Ketra during these, you will lose an entire alliance level, and more if you continue to attack them after. SO DON'T DO IT, not even in a party with someone else hitting them!!

Alliancewiththeketra-1.jpg Alliancewiththeketra-2.jpg Alliancewiththeketra-3.jpg

At any rate, for level 1 you will need to bring back 100 badges of Varka Silenos Recruits, Footman, Scouts, Hunters, and Shamans.

Alliancewiththeketra-4.jpg Alliancewiththeketra-5.jpg Alliancewiththeketra-6.jpg Alliancewiththeketra-7.jpg Alliancewiththeketra-8.jpg

2 When you have the items go back to Wahkan and receive Alliance Level 1.

Alliancewiththeketra-9.jpg Alliancewiththeketra-10.jpg

3 For level 2 you will need 200 badges from the same group of mobs you were already killing, plus 100 from a higher class of Varka, priests, warriors, mediums, officers, captains, and elite escorts.

Alliancewiththeketra-11.jpg Alliancewiththeketra-13.jpg Alliancewiththeketra-14.jpg Alliancewiththeketra-15.jpg

4 Then back to Wahkan again when you have all the items for Alliance level 2.

Alliancewiththeketra-16.jpg Alliancewiththeketra-17.jpg

5 This time Wahkan wants 300 badges from the first group, 200 of the second, and 100 of great mystics, captains, grand seers, prophet groups, chief magi and chief escorts.


I only have one picture from that mess of mobs but they all look basically the same


6 Back to Wahkan for Alliance level 3.

Alliancewiththeketra-19.jpg Alliancewiththeketra-20.jpg

7 Now it starts getting really annoying. For level 4 you will need 300 of the 'grunts', 300 of officers, 200 of captains, and a Totem of Valor which you get by doing Prove your courage! (Ketra)


That quest requires killing raid boss Varka's Hero Shadith so have fun with that one.

8 The reward is Alliance level 4 and special ports from Kurfa.

Alliancewiththeketra-22.jpg Alliancewiththeketra-23.jpg

9 Then the final Alliance level 5. You will need 400 of grunt level badges, 400 of the officer badges, 200 of captains and the Totem of Wisdom which you get by killing raid boss Varka's Commander Mos in the Slay the enemy commander! (Ketra) quest.


When that is done you will have earned the highest alliance level, 5 which allows you access to the Ketra's special shops as well as the already earned teleports.