Alliance with the Varka Silenos

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Minimum Level: 74 Party: Party/Solo
Start Location: Varka Silenos Outpost Repeatable: -
Start NPC: Naran Ashanuk Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Requirements: -
Rewards: Alliance with the Varka Silenos

1  The quest starts at Naran Ashanuk in the port spot of Varka Silenos Outpost. This quest has 5 stages or levels of the alliance - you need level 1 for 3rd class transfer and to complete last levels you need to kill raid bosses. The thing to keep in mind - if you hit any Varka mobs after starting the quest you will lose your alliance! Even if you're in party with people who hit them so be extremely careful.

Varka ally01.jpg Varka ally011.jpg Varka ally02.jpg

2 For level 1 you need to kill the following mobs: Ketra Orc Footmen, Raiders, Scouts, Shamans and War Hounds. They are all aggro and most of them have stun so be prepared. Once you have 100 Soldier badges return to Naran Ashanuk and receive Mark of Varka Alliance - Level 1.

Varka ally03.jpg Varka ally04.jpg Varka ally05.jpg Varka ally06.jpg

3 For level 2 you will need 200 badges from the same group of mobs you were already killing, and also Captain badges that you can get from Ketra Orc Warriors, Lieutenants, Mediums, Elite Soldiers, Commands, Elite Guards, White Captains and Seers.

Varka ally07.jpg

4  Back at Naran Ashanuk you will receive Mark of Alliance - Level 2. And that is sufficient for changing class. But if you want to get access to more rewards (and if you have patience) just take the next task from him and go back to killing.

Varka ally08.jpg Varka ally09.jpg

5 Now you need 300 Soldiers, 200 captains and 100 Generals, which are Ketra Orc General, Battalion Commander, Grand Seer, Head Shaman, Head Guard, Prophet, Prophet's Guard, Prophet's Aide.

Varka ally10.jpg

6 Back to Naran Ashanuk for Mark of Varka Alliance - Level 3.

7  Now the fun begins. For the next level you need 300 Soldiers, 300 captains and 200 Generals. And also Feather of Valor that you get for killing Ketra Hero Hekaton by completing Prove your courage! (Varka)

8  You have now earned Mark of Varka's Alliance - Level 4 and access to gatekeeper in Varka village.

9  And finally for the last level you need 400 Soldiers, 400 Captains and 200 Generals. Also you need another raid boss for the quest Slay the enemy commander! (Varka) and it's Ketra's Commander Tayr. Once you're done with this you'll obtain Mark of Varka's Alliance - Level 5 and you can start trading the molars you have been collecting in the Battle Against Ketra Orcs quest.