Alligator Hunter

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Minimum Level: 40 Party: .
Start Location: Heine Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Enverun Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: Adena

by Elmar

1) This quest starts with Trader Enverun in the Grocery at Heine.

Alligatorhunter1.jpg Alligatorhunter2.jpg

2) Enverun tells you about the alligators imported a long time ago from the eastern continent of Avella, presumably to get alligator leather for fashion accessories. Having no natural enemies, their numbers multiplied and the good citizens of Heine started getting nervous. Nevertheless there is still a profitable trade in purses and belts made from alligator leather. If you agree to hunt the beasts, Enverun says that he will pay you 60a per alligator skin. Don't believe him!

Alligatorhunter3.jpg Alligatorhunter4.jpg Alligatorhunter5.jpg

If you are interested in the history of the Kingdom of Innadril, ask Enverun about Othellot's Sword.

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3) Enverun tells you to go to Alligator Island, but you will also find Alligators (lvl 40, aggressive) on Alligator Beach, opposite the island. There they are spaced relatively widely and only living together with passive, non-social Farhite crocodiles, while on Alligator Island you have to deal with aggressive, double HP Crokian Lads (lvl 41) and higher mobs, which is frankly a bit dangerous for a level 40 character.

Alligatorhunter8.jpg Alligatorhunter9.jpg Alligatorhunter10.jpg

4) You can kill as many Alligators as you like; the quest item acquisition rate is one out of two. But there is a bonus of 3430a in addition to the 60a per item if you bring in 10 or more Alligator Leathers. So if you stay on Alligator Beach, from where it's not far back to Heine, you should return to Enverun after every 10 Alligator Leathers. Idol Lash Reviews

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5) The quest is infinitely repeatable. Even if you want to quit, Enverun asks you to reconsider.

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6) If you are in a group or at least level 43 you may want to combine this quest with Conquest of Alligator Island, to be picked up from Warehouse Freightman Kluck in Heine.