An Aged Ex-Adventurer

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Minimum Level: 46 Party: .
Start Location: Outlaw Forest Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Tantan Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: EAD and 5,026 adena or 10,000 adena

1) This quest starts in the Outlaw Forest with Retired Adventurer Tantan. He randomly ports around this area, these map locations are where I found him but he may be somewhere else next time. He asks for 100 C grade soulshots, which I happened to have. If you tell him to go away he won't, by the way. He tells you to visit Trader Sara in Oren.

Tantanmap1.jpg Anagedex-adventurer1.jpg Anagedex-adventurer2.jpg Anagedex-adventurer3.jpg Anagedex-adventurer4.jpg

2) Sara is in the Grocery Store in Oren and reward you with 5,026 adena and Scroll: Enchant Armor D if he makes it home safely.

Anagedex-adventurer5.jpg Anagedex-adventurer6.jpg

If he gets injured along the way you will receive 10,000 adena and nothing else.