An Elder Sows Seeds

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Minimum Level: 28 Party: .
Start Location: Wastelands Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Casian Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: 3,600 adena

1) This quest starts with Elder Casian who is in the middle of the Wastelands. He asks that you retrieve spellbook pages from certain ants in the The Ant Nest.

Aneldersowsseeds1.jpg Aneldersowsseeds2.jpg Aneldersowsseeds3.jpg Aneldersowsseeds4.jpg Aneldersowsseeds5.jpg Aneldersowsseeds6.jpg

2) The ants are found in The Ant Nest of course, which you can port directly to one entrance through the Gludio ports. The noble ants and noble ant leaders are found directly outside the Ant Queen's room. The spawn is very fast there so it is not necessary to go in that deep.

Aneldersowsseeds7.jpg Aneldersowsseeds8.jpg Aneldersowsseeds9.jpg Aneldersowsseeds10.jpg Aneldersowsseeds11.jpg

You will get Spellbook Pages in your inventory that you double click on to open for either spellbook pages, or Scrolls of Escape. You will get SOE's about 50% of the time, and the other times 1 of the 4 needed chapters. When you have at least one complete set go back to Casian.

3) He will reward you with 3,600 adena for one full set of pages.

Aneldersowsseeds12.jpg Aneldersowsseeds13.jpg Aneldersowsseeds14.jpg