An Ice Merchants Dream

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Minimum Level: 53 Party: .
Start Location: Frozen Labyrinth Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Rafforty Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: Adena, materials, silver hemocytes

1 This quest starts at level 53 in the Frozen Labyrinth with Rafforty by the Ice Merchant Cabin. He asks that you help his group by collecting Silver Ice Crystals, Silver Hemocytes and Black Ice Crystals. He notes that the Black Crystals have to be made from Ice Crystals using the Ice Shelf.

Note: You must complete The Other Side of Truth from the same NPC in order to get Silver Hemocytes and access to rewards other than adena.

Icemerchantsdream1.jpg Icemerchantsdream2.jpg Icemerchantsdream3.jpg Icemerchantsdream4.jpg Icemerchantsdream5.jpg Icemerchantsdream6.jpg

2 All of the mobs in the Frozen Labyrinth drop the items, the Silver Ice Crystals drop at a rate of around 1/3 and the Silver Hemocytes are much higher, around 1/50. Black Crystals do not drop, they have to be made at the shelf as noted earlier.

Icemerchantsdream7.jpg Icemerchantsdream8.jpg Icemerchantsdream9.jpg Icemerchantsdream10.jpg Icemerchantsdream11.jpg Icemerchantsdream12.jpg

3 When you have enough Silver Ice Crystals go back to Rafforty and there are a number of things you can do with them.

Icemerchantsdream13.jpg Icemerchantsdream14.jpg

You can trade Silver Ice Crystals or Black Ice Crystals for items as listed below.

Icemerchantsdream15.jpg Icemerchantsdream16.jpg Icemerchantsdream17.jpg Icemerchantsdream18.jpg Icemerchantsdream19.jpg Icemerchantsdream20.jpg

and if you ask about the Silver Hemocytes, which are needed to see the Ice Fairy Sirra, he tells you which mob to hunt for them and tells you that you need 10 and a group to speak to Freya's Steward to accomplish that.

Icemerchantsdream21.jpg Icemerchantsdream22.jpg

Then we also have the pain in the neck Ice Shelf which randomly turns Silver Ice Crystals into the Black Ice Crystals needed for the better items. There is no rhyme or reason to what choices you choose that I could tell. You either don't get a Black Ice Crystal, or you do, it's all chance.

Icemerchantsdream23.jpg Icemerchantsdream24.jpg Icemerchantsdream25.jpg Icemerchantsdream26.jpg Icemerchantsdream27.jpg Icemerchantsdream28.jpg

Or you can turn the Silver Ice Crystals in to Rafforty for adena.