An Obvious Lie

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Minimum Level: 45 Party: -
Start Location: Town of Giran Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Maximilian Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Requirements: -
Rewards: Cat Ears or Racoon Ears or Rabbit ears

1 This quest starts in the Town of Giran in the Einhasad Temple with High Priest Maximilian. He sends you to Trader Gentler in the Magic Shop.


2 Still in Giran go to the Magic shop to talk to Gentler and he sends you to find Miki the Cat in Devil's Isle.


3 Port from Giran to Devil's Isle. Miki is in the room with the giant broken boat right past the room you come up in out of the water. Miki sends you back to Alligator Island to get Medicinal herbs from the Alligators. You need 20.


4 The alligators can be found on Alligator beach or south on Alligator island. The drop rate is about 50% so you need to kill a bit more than just 20 mobs. Miki told you to then go back to Giran to Gentler.


5 Gentler asks you to bring him 500 Spirit Ore, you can buy that in the Grocery. Buy it and come back to him. He then ships you off to Miki for the second time.


6 Back all the way at Devil's Isle, Miki sends you back to Gentler with nothing.


7 Gentler says he's not about to pay you anything but he can make something for you, you just need 1,000 thread and 500 suede. You will need to buy this from players if you don't have enough.


When you have it talk to him again. You can pick to have Cat Ears (white), Racoon Ears (dark cat ears) or Rabbit ears (white and pink) made. Wear and enjoy!