Art of Persuasion

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by Elmar

1) This quest is a sequel to Relic Exploration, you should already be standing in front of Maestro Nikola. Click on "I'm not asking you to help me for free".

Nikolascooperationcontract1.jpg Nikolascooperationcontract2.jpg

2) After some discussion you enter into a cooperation contract with Nikola and obtain a map that shows an important location in the Cruma Tower. Take that map to Researcher Lorain.

Nikolascooperationcontract3.jpg Nikolascooperationcontract4.jpg Nikolascooperationcontract5.jpg

Nikolascooperationcontract6.jpg Nikolascooperationcontract7.jpg Nikolascooperationcontract8.jpg

3) Lorain is still where you left her, at the entry on the west side of the Cruma Tower.

Nikolascooperationcontract9.jpg Nikolascooperationcontract10.jpg

4) Talk to the Researcher and give her the map.

Nikolascooperationcontract11.jpg Nikolascooperationcontract12.jpg Nikolascooperationcontract13.jpg

On the quest screen it says "visit her again in a little while", but you can talk to Lorain immediately. She sends you to the second floor of the Cruma Tower. Note down the description of the way you have to take. This is a safe route where you won't encounter any mobs.

Nikolascooperationcontract14.jpg Nikolascooperationcontract15.jpg Nikolascooperationcontract16.jpg

5) After you have teleported into the tower, talk to Gatekeeper Penelope who is standing not far from her old colleague Ponti and will send you to the second floor. Follow Lorains instructions: straight ahead, pass the crossroads, then turn right. In the gloom you will see a Destroyed Device.

Nikolascooperationcontract17.jpg Nikolascooperationcontract18.jpg Nikolascooperationcontract19.jpg

6) When you talk to it, an alarm will go off. Look to your left. A control box, marked "Alarm", has materialized there.

Nikolascooperationcontract20.jpg Nikolascooperationcontract21.jpg

7) Talk to the control box and enter the passcode 3196 Lorain gave you. If you should have failed to note it down, it's also in your quest screen.

Nikolascooperationcontract22.jpg Nikolascooperationcontract23.jpg

Nikolascooperationcontract24.jpg Nikolascooperationcontract25.jpg Nikolascooperationcontract26.jpg Nikolascooperationcontract27.jpg

If you have done everything right, the alarm box will vanish.


8) Talk again to the Destroyed Device, discover a metal plate with writing on it and take that to Lorain.

Nikolascooperationcontract29.jpg Nikolascooperationcontract30.jpg Nikolascooperationcontract31.jpg

9) I did this quest with a level 53 character, so I got only a reward of 72,527 adena. If you are between level 40 and 45 you will also get 203,717 exp and 14,032 SP. Apart from that you get "Loraine's Certificate" (with the "e" after the name) that you need for the next quest, Contract Execution.

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