Audience with the Land Dragon

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Minimum Level: 50 Party: .
Start Location: Town of Giran Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Gabrielle Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: Portal Stone to meet Antharas

1 This quest starts with Gabrielle in the Town of Giran. She gives you the history of how Antharas is kept sealed and sends you to visit several other people, all of who will have tasks for you.

Audiencewiththelanddragon1.jpg Audiencewiththelanddragon2.jpg Audiencewiththelanddragon3.jpg Audiencewiththelanddragon4.jpg Audiencewiththelanddragon5.jpg Audiencewiththelanddragon6.jpg

2 You can do these in any order but I tried not to do a lot of porting. In Hunters Village Prefect Chakiris is in the Orc Guild, he asks you to kill Kranrot and Hamrut in Forsaken Plains. Prior to Epilogue update the mobs were located in The Giants' Cave.

Audiencewiththelanddragon7.jpg Audiencewiththelanddragon81.jpg

3 In Ivory Tower on the Dark Elf floor speak to Magister Kaiena and she asks you to kill Marsh Stalkers and Marsh Drakes.

Audiencewiththelanddragon9.jpg Audiencewiththelanddragon10.jpg

4 In the Town of Aden, in the Einhasad Temple, High Priest Orven asks you to kill Bloody Queens (actual name Blood Queen now) which will then spawn Remains of the Sacrificed.

Audiencewiththelanddragon11.jpg Audiencewiththelanddragon12.jpg

5 Also in Aden talk to Master Kendra in the Warrior Guild and she asks you to hunt Harit Lizardmen Warriors and Shamans.


6 Here are the locations of all the mobs. The quest item drop is 100% or close to it on everything, though it may take a few Blood Queens to generate the Remains of the Sacrificed. The Blood Queens also spawn around Antharas Lair but since you're already in Aden there's no point in porting all the way to Giran.

Audiencewiththelanddragon14.jpg Audiencewiththelanddragon15.jpg Audiencewiththelanddragon16.jpg Audiencewiththelanddragon17.jpg

Killing the Warriors and Shamans will spawn Quest Monsters called Harit Lizardman Zealots, about 4 of them.


7 Then visit all the NPCs again to earn the Mark of Watchman from each.

Audiencewiththelanddragon19.jpg Audiencewiththelanddragon20.jpg Audiencewiththelanddragon21.jpg Audiencewiththelanddragon22.jpg

8 Back in Giran with Gabrielle she tells you to visit Warehouse Chief Moke in Gludin Village and Blacksmith Helton in the Town of Oren.

Audiencewiththelanddragon23.jpg Audiencewiththelanddragon24.jpg

9 In Oren Helton tells you to find the Abyssal Jewel and return with proof that you've destroyed it.

Audiencewiththelanddragon25.jpg Audiencewiththelanddragon26.jpg Audiencewiththelanddragon27.jpg

10 The Abyssal Jewel can be found a short run from the Sea of Spores port from Oren. If you are a healer/buffer or non-ranged class (except maybe a pole arm user) I suggest having help.


After you beat on the jewel for a bit, something like 30 dark blue mobs will spawn and they are aggro. Despite being lower level, if they catch you, you will most likely die even at 60+. You will receive Musfel Fang at some point during killing these mobs and at the very least you'll need to draw them away some how before continuing to hit on the Jewel.


The jewel itself doesn't hit back and before it dies you'll receive the 2nd Fragment of the Abyss Jewel.


11 Then go back to Helton to get your Mark of Watchman.


12 In Gludin in the Warehouse, Warehouse Chief Moke sends you on an identical task to find Abyssal Jewel 1. He says it's on the Northwest shore of Gludio but that is not correct. It's actually north of Gludin, not far off the Windy Hill port.

Audiencewiththelanddragon32.jpg Audiencewiththelanddragon33.jpg

13 This jewel works the same as the first, with the huge cloud of mobs after hitting the jewel a bit, then after the mobs are taken care of, you'll get the quest item hitting the jewel some more.

Audiencewiththelanddragon34.jpg Audiencewiththelanddragon35.jpg Audiencewiththelanddragon36.jpg

14 Then return to Moke for another Mark of Watchman.


15 Back to Giran and Gabrielle she sends you to Land Dragon Watcher Gilmore, who is right at the Dragon Valley port in.


16 Gilmore tells you there is a third Abyss Jewel in this valley and to kill Cave Maidens and Cave Keepers to bring it out.

Audiencewiththelanddragon39.jpg Audiencewiththelanddragon40.jpg Audiencewiththelanddragon41.jpg

17 Both are found in the same area around Antharas' cave, keep killing them until you see the Jewel spawn.


Hit the jewel and kill the Jewel Guardian Pytons that show up as well, until you get the 3rd Fragment.

Audiencewiththelanddragon43.jpg Audiencewiththelanddragon44.jpg

18 Then find Antharas Watchman Theodric who is at the mouth of the cave, which is also the port in sport for Antharas Lair from Giran, and he gives you the Portal Stone. You will need this to port into Antharas lair through the Heart of Warding.

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