Bard's Mandolin

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Minimum Level: 15 Party: .
Start Location: Dion Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Swan Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: 10,000 adena and Musical Score - Theme of Journey

1 This quest starts in Dion with Bard Swan. He asks you to get a flute from Trader Woodrow in Aden. It should be noted that if you port even once in this quest, you will already lose money.

Bardsmandolin1.jpg Bardsmandolin2.jpg Bardsmandolin3.jpg

2 Woodrow is in the Weapons and Armor shop in Aden and he sends you to Giran Harbor to Galion.

Bardsmandolin4.jpg Bardsmandolin5.jpg

3 Galion is all the way to the right of the harbor. He gives you the flute, then back to Swan.

Bardsmandolin6.jpg Bardsmandolin7.jpg

4 Swan sends you to Nanarin.


5 Nanarin tells you to tell Swan she doesn't like him.

Bardsmandolin9.jpg Bardsmandolin10.jpg

6 Back at Swan you can either tell me that she likes him or not. Below are both responses, same reward for both.

Bardsmandolin11.jpg Bardsmandolin12.jpg Bardsmandolin13.jpg