Battle Against Ketra Orcs

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Minimum Level: 74 – 80 Party: -
Start Location: Ketra Orc Outpost Repeatable: Yes
Start NPC: Ashas Varka Durai Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Requirements: Varka Alliance 1
Rewards: 20 Nepenthes Seeds

Pre-note You need to have at least Varka Alliance 1 in order to start this quest, however, it is recommended to only start after you have reached the desired alliance level. Otherwise, it will take longer to gain alliance level as you are going after the same mobs which will only give one quest items between the two quests. The higher the alliance level, the higher the rewards you can get from this quest as shown in the chart at the bottom of this guide.

1 Talk with Ashas Varka Durai found in the Varka Silenos Outpost. Ashas.jpg Warketra2.jpg Warketra3.jpg

1 Ashas asked you to kill Ketra Orcs in order to obtain the quest item Molar of Ketra Orc. All the mobs to kill are found within Ketra Orc Outpost. There is a large variety of mobs you can kill to obtain the quest item. These are as follows:

Warketra4.jpg Warketra mobs1.jpg Warketra mobs2.jpg Ketracommander.jpg Ketrabattalioncommander.jpg Ketrafootman.jpg Ketrageneral.jpg Ketragrandseer.jpg Ketralieutenant.jpg Ketramedium.jpg Ketraraider.jpg Ketrascout.jpg Ketraheadshaman.jpg Ketrashaman.jpg Ketrawarrior.jpg Ketraprophet.jpg

2 Once you've obtained at least 100, you can return to Ashas Varka Durai for a reward, 20 Nepenthes Seeds The more molars you obtain, the more seeds you will get which can be turned in for better rewards in the end. This is detailed in the chart below:

Warketra5.jpg Warketra6.jpg Warketra7.jpg Warketra8.jpg

3 Seeds can be exchanged for better goods by visiting Trader Shikon appearing directly to the left of Ashas Varka Durai.



Ketrarewards1.jpg Ketrarewards2.jpg Ketrarewards3.jpg Ketrarewards4.jpg Ketrarewards5.jpg Ketrarewards6.jpg Ketrarewards7.jpg Ketrarewards8.jpg