Black Swan

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Minimum Level: 32 Party: -
Start Location: Heine Repeatable: -
Start NPC: Captain Gosta Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Requirements: -
Rewards: Adena, materials

by Elmar

1 This quest, which can be picked up at level 32, starts with Captain Gosta who is since CT2 located in the southwestern part of Heine. The monsters in the target area are all half HP, but most of them have strong P.Atk. Therefore this quest is perfect for heavily armoured Dwarves (also with regard to the materials you get as a reward), whereas I died there several times with a level 33 Monk.

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2 Gosta tells you about the Heine family, the local merchant dynasty. Cargo belonging to Iason Heine, the patriarch of the clan, has been stolen by Tasaba Lizardmen. You can join the fight against them. To identify you as a volunteer in the service of Iason Heine you get a written order from Gosta.

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Before you set out, listen to Gosta's explanation of the facilities in the town.


3 Tasaba Lizardmen can be found in the Field of Silence, some distance north of Heine. NOTE: since Epilogue update this area has been changed to higher level so the mobs are located in Alligator Beach instead.


There are regular Tasaba Lizardmen (lvl 36, passive) and Tasaba Lizardman Shamans (lvl 37, passive), all half HP, who are organized in two clans. Clan 1 consists of Tasaba Lizardmen with strong attack power and weak defense, social with Tasaba Lizardman Shamans who cast ice bolts, have strong attack power and an overall weak defense. Clan 2 consists of Tasaba Lizardmen with weak attack power, strong defense, resistant to bow and dagger but weak to blunt weapons, social with Tasaba Lizardman Shamans who have only weak P.Def. but regular defense against magic. The members of one clan will only assist each other, but not the members of the other clan. This is further complicated by the existence of two kinds of highly aggressive lvl 38 half HP Ogres who are living together with the Lizardmen. If you get involved in a fight with an Ogre, Shamans from both clans will always assist him. The regular Lizardmen only sometimes help their big friends.


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It will probably be the best if you kill everything you see in the Field of Silence. You get Lizard Fangs from any of the four types of Lizardman at a rate of about 1 out of 2, sometimes even two at a time. Occasionally, about every 30th kill, you get a Barrel of League.

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4 When you have some quest items, return to Heine. Capatain Gosta will send you on to Iason Heine, who is in the Warehouse.

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5 You can hand over Lizard Fangs and Barrels of League separately. This serves to confuse the unwary adventurer (as Captain Gosta has said, Iason Heine is not an honest person). The reward system in this quest is quite complex: for 1 Fang you will get 20a, and if you bring in 10 or more you get an additional bonus of 3880a. For each Barrel of League you get a Bill of Iason Heine, which you can exchange with Head Blacksmith Roman for materials. On the quest screen it says that the value of such a Bill is 1000a. This is not true. If you try to sell it in a shop, you will get 5 (five!) adena and Roman will give you 700a. But you do get the bonus of 3880a from Iason Heine if you give him only one Barrel of League, even if you should have less than ten Fangs.

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6 Head Blacksmith Roman is near the western bridge.

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When you click on "Quest" he will offer you a Bill Exchange List. If you have quit or aborted the quest, you keep the Bills, but Roman won't give you anything for them anymore. In that case hurry across the plaza to Captain Gosta and pick up the quest again. You just need to have the "Order of Gosta" in your quest inventory (not actually have done the quest) and everything is fine.

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Here is what you get for your Bills of Iason Heine:

  • 1 Bill = 700a
  • 2 Bills = 10 Coal
  • 2 Bills = 10 Charcoal
  • 3 Bills = 20 Animal Skins
  • 3 Bills = 20 Animal Bones
  • 3 Bills = 2 Coarse Bone Powder
  • 3 Bills = 1 Oriharukon Ore
  • 3 Bills = 1 Stone of Purity
  • 5 Bills = 1 Metal Hardener
  • 5 Bills = 6 Cokes
  • 6 Bills = 1 Crafted Leather + 210a
  • 7 Bills = 1 Synthetic Cokes + 280a
  • 9 Bills = 1 Varnish of Purity + 630a
  • 9 Bills = 10 Leather