Blade Under Foot

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Minimum Level: 70+ Party: -
Start Location: Castle Dungeon Repeatable: yes
Start NPC: Warden Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Freya
Rewards: Knight's Epaulette

1 In the basement of the castle your clan owns, you will find a Warden standing there. Take the quest from him.

Warden1.jpg Blade1.jpg Blade2.jpg Blade3.jpg Blade4.jpg Blade5.jpg

2 Once the leader of your group enters, you will be directed through a series of three raid bosses; Beautiful Atrielle, Nagen the Tomboy and Jax the Destroyer. Once all three have been defeated, return to the Warden for your reward of Knight's Epaulettes. I believe the amount will vary, but check back soon with verification.