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A Campaign quest is a server wide quest that offers a significant XP reward. Unlike most quests. which can only be obtained by speaking directly to an NPC. Campaigns are announced in a server message. and characters who meet the campaigns requirement for participating may choose whether or not to take part. To take part in a campaign, players with eligible characters can click the Campaign button displayed on screen, and then click the participate button. When the campaigns goal is reached, every participant recieves a reward and, depending on the campaign, characters who rank highly are given additional rewards. Campaigns can begin at any time during designated hours, and different campaigns may begin on different servers simultaneously. The goal of campaign may vary depending on the number of players logged on to the server. Characters may obtain Marks of a King and Marks of Lord for participating in campaigns, which can be traded for items through Royal Token Exchanger Conrad in Aden.

Current Campaigns are:

Quest Name Level Day of the Week Duration Zone Description
Attend the Mourning Service for the Victims 40+ Monday 30 Mins. Dark Elven Village and Shilens Temple Mourning services are being held in Dark Elf Village and Shilen Temple for the honored dead. Attend the services for those who were sacrificed for Shilen’s resurrection.
Dispose of the Followers of Shilen 40+ Wednesday 30 mins. Dark Elven Village and Shilens Temple The Followers of Shilen have appeared in Dark Elf Village, intending to resurrect Shilen. They say they will not end the slaughter until their goal is fulfilled. You must stop them before the sacrifice can be completed.
Bring the Antidote 40+ Thursday. Sunday 30 mins. Every racial village Although a cure for the plague has not yet been discovered, antidotes are carried by the Followers of Shilen, Immune Guards who emerged from the Dimensional Rift. These antidotes must be collected.
Find the Hidden Jewel 75+ Tuesday 30 mins. Every racial village When villagers fled the oncoming calamity, they had to leave all sorts of valuable items behind. Retrieving those items will go a long way toward helping the displaced get back on their feet.
Remove the Curse of Pestilence 75+ Friday 30 mins. Dark Elf Village and Shilen Temple In Dark Elf Village and Shilen Temple, a Cursed Totem has caused many villagers to fall under a mysterious curse that prevents them from fleeing. The totem must be destroyed in order to lift the curse and allow the villagers to escape.
Destroy the Dark Spirit Angmas 75+ Saturday 30 mins. Dark Elf Village Dark Elf Village has been overrun by Dark Spirit Angmas, which crawled out of a dimensional rift in the Altar of Evil. Although small in size, they hasten the emergence of dark monsters by continuing to contaminate the Dimensional Rift.
Destroy Shilen’s Creatures 95+ Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday at 2 a.m,2 p.m. and 8 p.m. server time 60 mins. Seal of Shilen The Seal of Shilen spawns a host of powerful fiendish creatures each time the power of the awakened Shilen spikes. Evidence suggests that these monsters intend to invade the Kingdom of Aden. The strength of every adventurer is needed to stop them.