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Lindvior, the Wind Dragon is coming on the Gracia final update as the next epic boss. The dragon already exists on Lineage I around Aden. The following paragraph was extracted from the Lineage 2 Guidance Book released on Japan and translated by Azhri to L2Vault:

     Chapter 1.4 – The Rebellion of Shillen and the Demigods 
     The God of Destruction, Gran Kain, was a free and hedonistic being. He seduced his eldest daughter, Shilen, and  
     impregnated her. When this was discovered, Einhasad became furious and stripped from Shilen her seat as Goddess of
     Water. Shilen fled helplessly to the east, and, cursing the names of Einhasad and Gran Kain, painfully gave birth 
     to the children of Gran Kain in the dark forests. But these children absorbed the fury and despair of their mother,
     and became Demigods who fought against the gods. 
     The strongest of the Demigods were known as Dragons. There were six dragons total, and each was born with power of
     a curse against Einhasad and the other gods. Once these children were grown, Shilen commanded the Dragons to lead
     the legions of Demigods and monsters in a war against the gods. Among them, the Dragon of Light, Aulakiria, attempted 
     to persuade her mother against warring with her kin, but Shilen would not be swayed.
     Thus began the wars of god against god. The monsters and Demigods led by the Dragons stormed into the palace in
     Elysium that was home to the gods. The Demigods used all the powers of destruction and their command, and against
     them stood the unrelenting legions of Angels. Gods and Demigods, monsters and Angels struggled day and night. On the
     Material Plane below, the mortal races cowered in fear at the war that rolled across the heavens, and could only
     watch and wait.
     The battle was decided several weeks later. Although grievously wounded, Einhasad and Gran Kain defeated the Demigods
     and monsters one by one to claim victory. Even the mighty Dragons could not withstand them, and, wounded, they fled on
     torn wings from the battle. The gods, lacking the strength to give chase, could not destroy them, and could only watch 
     their retreat.
     The Dragons were the Dragon of Fire Valakas, Dragon of Water Papillion, Dragon of Wind Lindvior, Dragon of Earth
     Antharas, Dragon of Light Aurakilia, and Dragon of Darkness Skelth. Each inherited the blood of Gran Kain, and had
     great powers that rivalled the gods themselves.

Antharas, Valakas and now Lindvior can be found on the world of Lineage 2. Papillion, Aurakilia and Skelth will probably be available on the next Thrones. According to NcSoft, Lineage 2 will have 12 updates (Chronicles or Thrones).


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