Clean up the Swamp of Screams

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1) This quest starts at the Swamp of Screams port in location from Rune with Mercenary Captain Pierce. He wants you to kill any and all Splinter and Needle Stakatos in the Swamp of Screams and bring back 100 items.

Cleanuptheswampofscreams1.jpg Cleanuptheswampofscreams2.jpg Cleanuptheswampofscreams3.jpg

2) Since you have to do Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force to get to this point, I think you already should know what stakatos look like, so just get 100 of these items and come back. The rate is as poor as always, again around 1/5.


3) Pierce rewards you with 20 Golden Ram Coins which is kind of lame seeing that it barely gets you all the mage or fighter buffs but it is what it is.

Cleanuptheswampofscreams5.jpg Cleanuptheswampofscreams6.jpg Cleanuptheswampofscreams7.jpg

4) The buffs you can get from Selina are self explanatory (much like clan hall buffs) but here are some of the rewards you can get from the pouches you can buy from Abercrombie. Gray seems to give various healing potions, Yellow gives materials, and Brown gives 4 of high level materials.

Cleanuptheswampofscreams8.jpg Cleanuptheswampofscreams9.jpg Cleanuptheswampofscreams10.jpg Cleanuptheswampofscreams11.jpg Cleanuptheswampofscreams12.jpg Cleanuptheswampofscreams13.jpg