Collecting in the Air

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Minimum Level: 75 Party: Not needed
Start Location: Gracia Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Lekon Updated to: Gracia-Final
Requirements: Transform
Rewards: 25,160 exp, 2525 sp, Star Stone Gathering skill Level 1

PreStep 1  Head to Gracia via the Gludio Airship. You can get there for 150K adena by talking to the Gracia Survivor who stands near the gatekeeper in most towns, except Hunters Village, Gludin and starter towns OR you can visit the regular gatekeeper in Gludio or Talking Island and travel there for free.

Once you arrive at the airship field, head north to the Airship Controller. Wait for the ship to arrive and then talk to the controller to board the ship. The ship only lands for a minute a time, so pay attention when you're waiting to board. Also, be careful becuase the ship is not in a peacezone. You will then be taken to Keucereus Alliance Base.

PreStep 2  Complete the Good Day to Fly quest.

1 On the Keucereus Alliance Base, talk to Engineer Lekon. He stands beside a fountain on the level lower from where you were dropped off by the airship.

Collecting1.jpg Collecting2.jpg Collecting3.jpg Collecting4.jpg

2 Lekon hands you 8 Star Stone Extraction Scrolls. Transform into your Aurabird and fly into the sky above. Fly around some until you come across star stones, Blue Star Stone or Red Star Stone or Green Star Stone. Extract 8 of these items using the scrolls provided. The text in the quest makes it sound as if he wants all 8 to be the same color. When extracting, be sure to get really close to the Star Stone as if you're not close enough, the scroll is wasted and you are only given 8. I had accidently let some scrolls off before getting close and had to abandon the quest and retake it in order to get more. At that point, I made sure to try to 'chat' with each one (the chat icon comes up when you hover over, although they don't say anything). This just made sure I got extra close to each one.

Collecting5.jpg Collecting6.jpg

2 Once you obtain all 8 items, return to Lekon to finish the quest. Collecting7.jpg Collecting8.jpg Collecting9.jpg