Collector of Jewels

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1) This quest begins with Magister Nell in the Einhasad Temple at Gludin Village. She wants you to hunt mobs in the Forgotten Temple and bring back 100 items total by hunting Lakin Salamanders, Salamander Rowin and Death Flares for Flare Shards (50 of them) and Lakin Undine, Rowin Undine, and Roxides for Freezing Shards (also 50). This quest in my opinion, is not worth doing. At all.

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2) You can port to Forgotten Temple using the Gludin gatekeeper, or run south from town. There are two sides to the temple, a Water and Fire side, so you need to visit both sides to get the different Shards. The drop rate is not 100%, I'd say about 30%. When you get 50 of both items return to Nell. You cannot return with more or less than 50.



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This quest starts at level 25 but unless you have top gear AND a buffer of some sort, or several people, you will be in a lot of trouble. The mobs in here have lots of nasty tricks, such as poison, AGGRO archers that have stun shot, mobs that silence, mobs that can cast windstrike as well as 2 different fire nukes, drains, etc. The Death Flare for example is an AGGRO group mob flanked by two archers, and the Flare himself casts fire nukes.

Just about everything is aggro, or social aggro.

3) Nell rewards you with 12,500 adena for your troubles (125 per), then asks if you will continue and bring back 200 of each again. 400 quest items total.

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If you choose to do this, the reward is 63,500 adena. That's about 158 adena per. You'd make way more hunting in an easier area.