Containing the Attribute Power - Aden

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Minimum Level: 76 Party: .
Start Location: Town of Aden Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Holly Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: 2 Rough Ore of Fire/Wind/Water/Earth/Divinity/Infernal, 202 160 exp and 20 375 sp

1  The quest starts in Grocery store at trader Holly. She tells you to go talk to Attribute Master Yin.

Before you set off to find Yin, talk to Holly again or you will have to run back.

Ore03.jpg Ore04.jpg Ore05.jpg

2 Yin is standing in front of the Blacksmith's house.

She tells you about a messed-up experiment and asks you to help. You will receive a shadow weapon with 10-minute duration. It's A grade so make sure you have the correct shots with you. It will take a long time to kill the quest mobs and they can hurt pretty badly if you're a squishier class so bring HP pots or a healer/buffer. People have reported that you only need last hit with the quest weapon, since the drop rate is a bit less than 100% I'm not sure if this works - the weapon has only short lifetime so sisn't experiment much.

Ore07.jpg Ore08.jpg Ore08ab.jpg

3 The mobs are right outside town from the closest gate to Yin, just under the bridge there. They are not aggro and not social.

If the weapon expires you can go back to Yin and get a new one. Don't know how many times you can do that, I have only needed one replacement so far.


4 When you have all the spirits go back to Yin and she will send you for another round. This time giving a fire buff as well which should make it a bit easier. The routine to get tie items is the same.


5 After getting the spirits again, go back to Yin and she will give you a choice of rough ores - you will receive 2 of the chosen kind; also some exp and sp. These rough ores are not tradeable, you can only store them in your warehouse.

Ore13.jpg Ore12.jpg