Containing the Attribute Power - Rune

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Minimum Level: 76 Party: .
Start Location: Rune Township Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Weber Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: 2 Rough Ore of Fire/Wind/Water/Earth/Divinity/Infernal, 202,160 exp and 20,375 sp

by EllieBelly

Note: There are two versions of this quest by the same name. I will list both of them here.

1 This quest starts in Rune Township with Trader Weber at the Magic Shop. He tells you to speak to the Female Attribute Master in town.

Containingtheattributepower1.jpg Containingtheattributepower2.jpg Containingtheattributepower3.jpg Containingtheattributepower4.jpg

Before you go anywhere speak to him again.

Containingtheattributepower5.jpg Containingtheattributepower6.jpg Containingtheattributepower7.jpg

2  The trouble of course is that Yang, the attribute master, is most certainly NOT female. But that's ok find him anyway behind a building near the Vitamin Manager. He will gives you a sword you'll need to use to get last hit on the quest monsters. They are just north of town.

Containingtheattributepower8.jpg Containingtheattributepower9.jpg Containingtheattributepower10.jpg Containingtheattributepower11.jpg Containingtheattributepower12.jpg

3  The quest monster Reckless Spire of Air is double HP, not aggro, not social, but I recommend coming with a lot of shots, fully buffed unless you plan to spend all day killing them. The sword Yang gave you is a shadow weapon that lasts only 10 minutes. If it vanishes you can go back and get another one. You can use another weapon to get the sprites health down but you must use the weapon, which is A grade, to kill it. If you have someone helping in party you will not get the items but someone out of party can help you. Healers and buffers will very likely need some help on these mobs. After you get 6 items go back to Yang and he makes you go get 6 more in exactly the same way.


4 Back at Yang you can choose the ore of your choice and receive 2 matching attributes, and 202,160 exp and 20,375 sp.