Cursed Life

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Minimum Level: 75 Party: -
Start Location: Gracia Repeatable: yes
Start NPC: Orbyu Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Freya
Rewards: Adena

PreStep  Head to Gracia via the Gludio Airship. You can get there for 150K adena by talking to the Gracia Survivor who stands near the gatekeeper in most towns, except Hunters Village, Gludin and starter towns OR you can visit the regular gatekeeper in Gludio or Talking Island and travel there for free.

Once you arrive at the airship field, head north to the Airship Controller. Wait for the ship to arrive and then talk to the controller to board the ship. The ship only lands for a minute a time, so pay attention when you're waiting to board. Also, be careful becuase the ship is not in a peacezone.


PreStep 2  Complete the Good Day to Fly quest to learn how to fly if not done already.

1 Start off by talking with General Orbyu found on the lower level of Keucereus Alliance Base in Gracia.

Orbyu1.jpg Cursed1.jpg Cursed2.jpg Cursed3.jpg Cursed4.jpg Cursed5.jpg Cursed6.jpg

2 Orbyu wants you to hunt, Dra Hawks, Mutant Birds, and the raid-like mob Rok in order to obtain Swallowed Skulls, Swallowed Sternums and Swallowed Bones. These mobs can be found north of the Keucereus Alliance Base as shown on the map. Don't try to kill Rok alone. Note: He has a bunch of subordinates hanging all around him too.

Cursed11.jpg Drahawk1.jpg Mutantbird1.jpg Rok1.jpg Roksubordinate.jpg Cursed7.jpg Cursed8.jpg

3 You can bring back as many as you would like back to Orbyu. The more you bring back, the more Adena he will reward you with. I had only brought back 5 Swallowed Bones and received 2,500 adena.

Cursed10.jpg Cursed9.jpg