Day of Destiny – Elf’s Fate

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Minimum Level: 76 Party: -
Start Location: Aden Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Grand Magister Winonin Updated to: Goddess of Destruction
Requirements: Elf
Rewards: 5 000 000 adena, XP, SP, a Stage 14 Red, Green, or Blue Soul Crystal, Holy Pomanders if you are an Eva’s Saint

When you hit lvl 76, you get a pop-up window on your screen from Winonin - inviting you to start the class transfer:

Elf fate01.jpg

I'll add the quest progression info from the in-game interface plus some of my own experience or things that I found useful while doing it. Overall it's quite easy, especially compared with the old quest.

1  Grand Magister Winonin of the Town of Aden hasn't heard anything from Aden Vanguard task force that was sent to the Evil Incubator. Find the Aden Vanguard Quartermaster located near The Cemetery. She is right next to the Seal of Shilen port spot.



2  Recover 4 Dog Tags from the fallen Vanguard soldiers in the Cemetery. Begin your search around the center fountain, angel statue and stone tower. The fallen soldiers are corpses, in the open area on either side of the statue. There are some aggro mobs around but low level so shouldn't be a problem.



3  Return these items to the Aden Vanguard Quartermaster who will deliver them to the victims families.


4  Find the Aden Vanguard Member standing guard outside the entrance to the Evil Incubator. Speak with them and they will help you find the Aden Vanguard Captain Adolph. You need to run a bit and those mobs at the road are lvl 90ish and aggro. But they seem slow, at least I could outrun them easily, they didn't follow past the second little cemetery.


5  You're now inside the Evil Incubator. Speak with Aden Vanguard Captain Adolph.


6  You need to pick two Vanguard members to follow you and Adolph into battle. Speak to each Vanguard Member and select only 2 that can assist you. All decisions are final, so choose wisely. Talk to the NPC's and pick the ones you want to use to assist you. I went with the healer and summoner, the captain comes with you as well so basically you have a tank. There are some archers inside who help also.


7  You have completed selecting your team that will help you combat against Shilen's creatures. Speak with Captain Adolph when you are ready. The NPC's port in with you but they are not in party with you, nor did they seem to need any help from me - I didn't check their HP, the NPC healer was quite sufficient.

8  Defeat all waves of Resurrected creatures. There are 4-5 waves of mobs, spawning in waves. They were easy to kill even on EE with the old inquisitor-type nuke. The NPC's run around and do their own fighting and they seem pretty good at it.


9  You have successfully defended yourself from the waves of resurrected creatures. It looks like they have stopped their attack for now. You should speak with Captain Adolph.

10  You have received the Cry of Fate Ring from Adolph. When equipped, you can acquire Item Skills that you can use in battle. When you are ready, speak with Adolph again. Equip the ring and you will get skills of your 3rd class that you can use (I buffed myself with Prophecy of Water). Talk to Adolph and the mobs will start spawning again.


11  Shilen's evil creatures have regrouped and have begun attacking again. Defeat enough of them to lure Death Wound out. Once he is defeated Shilen's resurrected creatures won't stand a chance. Death Wound is a kind of a boss mob, but not too hard to kill, especially with the help of the NPCS's. Some mobs seem to cast poison and/or bleed but the healer NPC keeps you alive easily. When you kill the big one, the others disappear.

12  Death Wound was wounded and is now just plain dead. Shilen's creatures have begun retreating and those who remain are being defeated by the Vanguard. Speak with Captain Adolph.


13  The Aden Vanguard is now able to handle things within the Evil Incubator. Captain Adolph appreciates the help and has given you a Scroll of Escape to use to return to Grand Magister Winonin. Speak with Winonin in Aden to receive your new power. When you speak to Winonin, you receive a box that has your chosen crystal, lesser giants book and adena.