Dragon Fangs

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Minimum Level: 19 Party: .
Start Location: Gludin Village Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Luis Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: D-grade armor items and adena

1 This non-repeatable quest, which can be picked up at level 19, starts with Guard Luis at the south-east exit of Gludin Village.


2 He complains about Langk Lizardmen attacking travelers on the coastal road to Giran. Agree to help him.


3 Luis wants you to kill Langk Lizardman Sentinels and Langk Lizardman Lieutenants and bring back 100 of their Feather Ornaments as proof of your deed.


4 You will find Sentinels (lvl 19, aggressive) and Lieutenants (lvl 22, passive) quite some way along the road, for example on the top of a little hill towards the beach or, a bit further on, in a little encampment on the left side of the road.

Dragonfangs6.jpgDragonfangs7.jpgDragonfangs8.jpg Dragonfangs9.jpgDragonfangs10.jpg

The quest item acquisition rate is about 1 for every 2 or 3 Lizardmen killed. When you have 100 Feather Ornaments, return to Guard Luis in Gludin.

5 Luis discovers a strange tooth among the Lizardman Ornaments and sends you to Magister Iris in the Einhasad Temple with it.


6 Iris is standing in the main hall of the Temple, on the left side.


7 She recognizes the tooth as a magical object that bestows the power of a formidable entity onto the Lizardmen. The tooth smells of dragon and Iris fears that Antharas might have awakened from his sleep - for more on that see Audience with the Land Dragon.

Magister Rohmer in Gludio is an expert on the sorcery of Lizardmen. She sends you to see him.

Dragonfangs15.jpgDragonfangs16.jpg Dragonfangs17.jpgDragonfangs18.jpg

8 Rohmer is in the great hall of the Temple in the northern part of the town.


9 You don't get much new information. He sends you straight back to Gludin with a letter for Iris containing important reference material he has collected.


10 In the meantime reports have arrived that Langk Lizardmen are attacking travelers again. For canceling the magic that gives them their power Iris needs the very items that the Lizardmen use for their sorcery. She tells you to go to their dwellings and collect 50 dragon teeth. Only their Shamans and topmost Leaders carry those teeth.


11 You will find Langk Lizardman Shamans (lvl 24, passive) and Langk Lizardman Leaders (lvl 25, aggressive) south of the Necropolis of Sacrifice, all the way down to the beach. If you are still level 19, the Shamans can drain half of your HP in one cast. So bring good jewelry.

Dragonfangs26.jpgDragonfangs27.jpgDragonfangs28.jpg Dragonfangs29.jpgDragonfangs30.jpg

12 The quest item acquisition rate is not so good, maybe 1 for every 5 or 10 mobs killed. When you have your 50 dragon teeth, return to Iris who will reward you with random D-Grade armor and some adena.


Reported rewards in CT 1 and CT 1.5:

  • Bone Helmet + 5200a
  • Aspis Shield + 1500a
  • Leather Gauntlets + 3200a
  • Blue Buckskin Boots + 3200a

There are people who say that this is not worth all the running back and forth, especially when one takes into consideration that the Shamans and Leaders are quite dangerous and hard to kill.

In addition, the introduction of the common items means that the items from this quest have lost most of their value.