Egg Delivery

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Minimum Level: 68 Party: .
Start Location: Hot Springs Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Jeremy Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: 18,800 adena and a Haste Potion or a S grade jewelry recipe

1 This quest starts in Hot Springs with Chef Jeremy. He asks you to deliver 5 eggs to 5 customers. Each one can be found in a pool.

Eggdelivery1.jpg Eggdelivery2.jpg Eggdelivery3.jpg

2 First one is Pulin.

Eggdelivery4.jpg Eggdelivery5.jpg Eggdelivery6.jpg

3 Second is Naff

Eggdelivery7.jpg Eggdelivery8.jpg Eggdelivery9.jpg

4 Third is Crocus.

Eggdelivery10.jpg Eggdelivery11.jpg Eggdelivery12.jpg

5 Fourth is Kuber.

Eggdelivery13.jpg Eggdelivery14.jpg Eggdelivery15.jpg

6 Fifth is Beolin.

Eggdelivery16.jpg Eggdelivery17.jpg Eggdelivery18.jpg

7 Then go back to Jeremy and he hustles you off to Goddard to get your pay.

Eggdelivery19.jpg Eggdelivery20.jpg

8 In Goddard in the Magic Shop talk to Brewer Valentine and he will either give you 18,800 adena and a Haste Potion or a S grade jewelry rec. The recipe is around a 20% chance to get.

Eggdelivery21.jpg Eggdelivery22.jpg Eggdelivery23.jpg