Electrifying Recharge!

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1) This quest starts just outside of Cruma Tower with Reseacher Lorain. From the ground floor gatekeeper if you go down the ramp she's behind a rock to the right. If you agree to help her collect the power of the Catheroks she will give you quest item, Titan's Lamp.

Electrifyingrecharge.jpg Electrifyingrecharge1.jpg Electrifyingrecharge2.jpg

2) Catheroks are found all over the first floor of Cruma. The lamp powers up by being stunned, which will happen during normal play when fighting these mobs. This is definitely not a solo quest, though the reward is so lame you'd think it was.


Now when you are fighting the Catheroks, the lamp has a chance to BREAK. Yes that's right, break, you've earned Broken Titan Lamp YAY. I had it break on me 2 times before I got it to light up. If it breaks you have to go back to Lorain and get another.


Now let's say it doesn't break and the quest item shows the lamp is lit. You still can't go back to Lorain, you will actually "earn Titans lamp" three times before it's bright enough to claim your reward. It will pop up a quest dialog and the lamp quest

status will change from 0/1 to 1/1.


3) Go back to Lorain with your finished lamp and she gives you a random lame dye for your effort. Just one.