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The Elves were the first of the races Einhasad had created, together with her daughter Shilen, who gave them the spirit of Water. They were wise and knew how to perform magic. But they were less wise than the Giants. Therefore the Giants let the Elves serve them in politics and magic-related activities.

This arrangement worked well. After the failed rebellion of the Giants, however, the world fell into great turmoil. Accustomed to the benevolent dictatorship of those Genesis Creatures, the Elves, Orcs, Dwarves and Humans were faced with the harsh reality of fending for themselves. On top of this frightening change, the world in which they lived lay ravaged with the strike of the Hammer of Despair. Many died during the disasters wrought by Einhasad, and many more died in the ensuing confusion and chaos. The races of the earth pleaded fervently to the gods for salvation, but, still trembling in the face of Einhasad's wrath, the gods did not answer. Neither Pa'agrio nor Maphr or Gran Kain took pity on the beings they had created.

First to take control of the situation were the Elves, as they were the race responsible for politics during the time of the Giants. The Elves were successful in unifying the races and continued on with their lives. But as time passed, it became apparent that the Elves did not have the same capabilities to rule that the Giants had. The first to stand against the Elves were the Orcs.


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