Elrokian Hunter's Proof

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Minimum Level: 75 Party: -
Start Location: Primeval Isle Wharf Repeatable: no
Start NPC: Marquez Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Freya
Rewards: 1,071,691 Adena,XP , SP, Elrokian Trap, 100 Trap Stone(s)

1 Talk with Marquez found on the Primeval Isle Warf.


Ekhunter1.jpg Ekhunter2.jpg Ekhunter3.jpg Ekhunter4.jpg

2 He tells you to go and talk to Mushika who is found on an island just south of Primeval Isle. To get to him, there is Orahochin at the very southern edge of Primeval Island who acts as a teleporter to the island.

Ekhunter5.jpg Mushika.jpg Ekhunter6.jpg

3 Mushika then directs you to talk with Asamah who stands right beside him.

Asamah1.jpg Ekhunter7.jpg Ekhunter8.jpg

4 Asamah sends you back to visit Marquez.

Marquez1.jpg Ekhunter9.jpg Ekhunter10.jpg Ekhunter11.jpg Ekhunter12.jpg Ekhunter13.jpg Ekhunter14.jpg Ekhunter15.jpg

5 Marquez wants you to kill Velociraptors in order to obtain 50 Diary Fragments. The drop rate isn't 100%, but it's not horrible. The Velociraptors can be found on the eastern side of the isle. This side is quite a lot harder to live in, so you may want to bring a friend or two along.

Velociraptor.jpg Ekhunter16.jpg

6 Once all 50 are obtained, go back to visit Marquez. He hands you an Expedition Member's Letter in return.

Marquez1.jpg Ekhunter17.jpg Ekhunter18.jpg Ekhunter19.jpg Ekhunter20.jpg Ekhunter21.jpg Ekhunter22.jpg Ekhunter23.jpg Ekhunter24.jpg Ekhunter25.jpg Ekhunter26.jpg Ekhunter27.jpg Ekhunter28.jpg

7 You are then sent off to visit Kirkachin. He can be found on the eastern side just outside of the middle tunnel (access it on the western side just north of the waterfall). He will begin to sign. Give him a second and then talk to him again.

Kirkachin1.jpg Ekhunter29.jpg Ekhunter30.jpg Ekhunter31.jpg Ekhunter32.jpg Ekhunter33.jpg

8 He sends you back to visit with Asamah.

Asamah1.jpg Ekhunter34.jpg Ekhunter35.jpg Ekhunter36.jpg Ekhunter37.jpg Ekhunter38.jpg

9 Asamah wants you to kill Deinonychus, Ornithomimus and Pachycephalosaurus in order to obtain 10 Deinonychus Bone, 10 Ornithomimus Claw and 10 Pachycephalosaurus Skin respectively. The drop rate, again, isn't 100%, but all isn't too bad except the Deinonychus's I found.

Deinonychus1.jpg Ornithomimus1.jpg Pachycephalosaurus1.jpg

Ekhunter39.jpg Ekhunter40.jpg Ekhunter41.jpg

10 Once 10 of each is collected, return to Asamah. He gives you a practise trap to give to Kirkachin.

Asamah1.jpg Ekhunter42.jpg

Ekhunter43.jpg Ekhunter44.jpg

11 Kirkachin takes the trap and in return gives you real traps, 100 Trap Stones, and 1,071,691 Adena. Also, I have included below the amount of exp and sp I received, along with an indication of how much vitality I had at the time if that makes a difference.

Kirkachin1.jpg Ekhunter45.jpg Ekhunter46.jpg Ekhunter47.jpg Ekhunter48.jpg Ekhunter49.jpg Ekhunter50.jpg Ekhunter51.jpg Ekhunter52.jpg