Elven Elder

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The Elven Elder is the second class change version of the Elven Oracle. They have all the basic heals, Greater Heal and Greater Group Heal, and also Major Heal. Unlike the dark elf version of the elder, they have a decent Resurrection skill which reaches 60%. The Elven Elder has more defensive and utility buffs, like Clarity, Bless Shield, Advanced Block, Decrease Weight, Agility, and Unholy Resistance. Like Shillien Elders, they are also able to Recharge all classes that don't have a Recharge skill themselves.

With the Gracia Epilogue update, the system of Skill Transfer was introduced. So now when an Elven Elder completes his Third Class Change quest, he receives 1 x Holy Pomander - Eva's Saint, which he can use to obtain one skill from either a Bishop or a Shillien Elder.