Expulsion of Evil Spirits

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Minimum Level: 80 Party: -
Start Location: Den of Evil Repeatable: yes
Start NPC: Chairen Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Freya
Rewards: Adena

1 Visit Chairenfound decently close to the port in at Den of Evil, up top a hill where the beacon tower stands, next to some tents. She will ask you to obtain the an unlimited number of Ragna Orc's Amulets. Plus you can also obtain 10+ Soul Core Containing Evil Spirit. The second has really bad drop rate, like 1 in 100.

Chairen1.jpg Evilspirit1.jpg Evilspirit2.jpg Evilspirit3.jpg Evilspirit4.jpg

2  For both of these items, hunt the following monsters who are found all around the area:

Evilspiritmob1.jpg Evilspiritmob2.jpg Evilspiritmob3.jpg Evilspiritmob4.jpg Evilspiritmob5.jpg Evilspiritmob6.jpg Evilspiritmob7.jpg Evilspiritmob8.jpg Evilspiritmob9.jpg Evilspiritmob12.jpg Evilspiritmob10.jpg

Evilspirit8.jpg Evilspirit9.jpg

3a Return to Chairen. Depending on the number of Ragna Orc's Amulets you give her, she will supply a reward as shown in the chart below:

Evilspirit10.jpg Evilspirit11.jpg

Giant's Codex: Discipline 1000
Giant's Codex: Obvilion 667
Recipe - Sealed Dynasty Breast Plate (60%) 326
Recipe - Sealed Dynasty Leather Armor (60%) 244
Recipe - Sealed Dynasty Gaiter (60%) 204
Recipe - Sealed Dynasty Leather Legging (60%) 153
Recipe - Sealed Dynasty Helmet (60%) 122
Recipe - Sealed Dynasty Leather Helmet (60%) 122
Recipe - Sealed Dynasty Shield (60%) 86
Recipe - Sealed Dynasty Gauntlet (60%) 82
Recipe - Sealed Dynasty Boots (60%) 82
Recipe - Sealed Dynasty Leather Gloves (60%) 82
Recipe - Sealed Dynasty Leather Boots (60%) 82
Adamantium 43
Orikalkum 36
Leonard 24

3b If you return with 10+ Soul Core Containing Evil Spirits, she will give you an item that will allow you to summon a solo raid boss, Dark_Shaman_Varangka. You can get to the boss by going into a cave found South of the beacon town as shown on the map. Follow a path with status that have fire shooting over their heads to get there. Inside, you will find the Guardian fo the Altar which you can talk to in order to summon the boss.

Evilspirit14.jpg Evilspirit15.jpg