Eye of Argos

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Eye of Argos

Long ago when Argos had his complete body, his 1,000 eyes told him everything that occured in the world. It was he who told Einhasad of the relationship between Shilen and Gran Kain. When Eva went into hiding, it was he who exposed her.

After the four races were created, the world became too complex to watch so Argos began to open only half of his 1,000 eyes every day, which led to a division in his personality. Half of his mind stayed upon dark events; war, murder, corruption. This led half of his personality to wish to purge the evil from the world.

The other half of his mind focused on brighter things; love, art, courage and fealty.

During the war between the gods and Giants he refused to disclose the hiding places of the Giants. Einhasad responded by ripping Argos' body into pieces and pulling out all of his eyes and threw them into the valley that is known as the Wall of Argos.

Two of his largest eyes slowly became aware of light and darkness. The Eye of Argos is the eye that is conscious of light. Daimon the White-Eyed inherited the dark view of the world.



Quests Available

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