Fallen Angel - Request of Dawn

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by Elmar

1) This quest is a sequel to "Shadow Fox III" and can be picked up at level 38 from Warehouse Chief Natools in Heine.

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2) When Natools asks you which task you want to undertake, click on "I will accept the request of the Temple and the Lords of Dawn". If you are not sure, Natools can also give you a short overview of the political aims of both parties.

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3) After you have chosen Dawn, Natools reveals to you that the Einhasad clergy in reality wants to see the angel dead. He sends you with an encrypted report of your predecessor to High Priest Raymond in Gludio.

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4) High Priest Raymond is in the Einhasad Temple, in the northern part of the town.

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5) As usual, Raymond at first pretends to have no idea what you are talking about. Things are not made easier by the sloppy translation of the dialogue screen. "Password" stands for "Cryptogram" stands for "encrypted report about the search for the angel". After decrypting the report it turns out that Elder Casian in the Wasteland, in the south of Gludio Territory, has something to do with the angel. Go find Casian and kill the renegade angel.

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6) Elder Casian can be found near a rock wall deep in the Wasteland. One possibility to reach him would be to teleport from Gludio to the Ant Nest and then head south. Keep an eye on the roaming Gigantiops ant groups - they are aggressive and can be quite dangerous for a character of level 38. And bring about 20 vials of Greater Antidote. You will need it.

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7) Casian is not very cooperative. But since he doesn't know the location of the angel anyway, that's of merely theoretical importance. In the end he tells you to go into the Ant Nest and recover from there the "Sealed Prophecy - Path of the God".

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8) The pin on your map is at the northeastern entrance of the Ant Nest. But directly below Casian is the southern entrance; you have probably seen the tunnel opening when you came. You get the Prophecy Fragments from all Ants except the (poisonous) Larvae, at a rate of about 1 for every 7 kills. In the first rooms you will find simple Ants (lvl 30, passive), Ant Captains (lvl 31 aggressive), Ant Overseers (lvl 32, double HP, passive), Ant Recruits (lvl 33, poisonous, passive), Ant Patrols (lvl 34, passive) and Ant Guards (lvl 35, passive). They are all social with each other and for a level 38 character they are exciting enough when they come after you in hordes.

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If you should already be of a higher level, you can try to take on the Ant Soldiers (lvl 35, poisonous, aggressive), Ant Warrior Captains (lvl 36, aggressive), Noble Ants (lvl 37, passive) and Noble Ant Leaders (lvl 38, aggressive) further in. Except the Noble Ants those are all double HP.

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9) When you have 30 Prophecy Fragments, the Fallen Angel's location will be revealed, i.e. marked on your map with a pin. Actually what you will find there is not an Angel but a Weathered Rock.

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10) Talk to the Weathered Rock like to a normal NPC. It will tell you to sing a song of praise. When you do that, a problem might arise. This is an absolute solo quest and if some other player is nearby, the Fallen Angel will not spawn. In that case the Rock tells you to sing your song again when nobody is around.

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The problem here is that you are standing on top of the Ant Nest and since the Weathered Rock is located in a trench, i.e. positioned relatively low, you are very close to the subterranean tunnels. Your only option is to try at a different time, maybe in the morning, when less people are hunting in the Ant Nest.

11) Sooner or later the Fallen Angel will spawn. Kill her (she is only lvl 35) and you will get a vial of Fallen Angel Blood. I did this quest twice and each time the Angel flew into the Weathered Rock where she was very hard to target. So try to attack her (she is passive) as soon as she appears.

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12) Return to High Priest Raymond in Gludio. He will reward you with 92,676 adena, 223,036 exp and 13,901 SP. If you are level 44 or above you will only get the adena.