Fallen Angel - Request of Dusk

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by Elmar

1) This quest is a sequel to "Shadow Fox III" and can be picked up at level 38 from Warehouse Chief Natools in Heine.

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2) When Natools asks you which task you want to undertake, click on "I will accept the request of the Revolutionaries of Dusk". If you are not sure, Natools can also give you a short overview of the political aims of both parties.

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3) After you have chosen Dusk, Natools sends you with a Sealed Prophecy on to Gludio, where you are to meet the Dark Elf Grand Master Tobias.

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4) Grand Master Tobias is in the Dark Elf Guild, in the eastern part of the town. What the item description of the Sealed Prophecy says about "Gludio Castle" is wrong.

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5) First of all Tobias is unsealing the Sealed Prophecy with a bit of magic.

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Then he gives you the unsealed "Prophecy - Path of the God" and an empty Sound- resp. Echo Crystal, where you are to record the message of the injured angel. Elder Casian, a guilt-ridden Ivory Tower magician who is trying to restore the Wasteland after the battle against Beleth has medicine for the angel.

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6) Elder Casian can be found near a rock wall deep in the Wasteland. One possibility to reach him would be to teleport from Gludin to the Wasteland and then head north.

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7) When you show Casian the Prophecy, he first gets a bit sidetracked, rambling on about a messianic hero who will face the darkness and bring peace to the world, but in the end he will give you the medicine and tell you that you can find the angel near a Weathered Rock.

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8) The Weathered Rock is in a little trench right in the center of the Wasteland, some distance north of Casian's position.

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9) You can recognize the Weathered Rock by its unnatural, almost white colour. Talk to it like to a regular NPC. The Fallen Angel will spawn.

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10) Talk to the Angel. She has a limited life expectancy, and when you take the time to read all the dialogue screens, she might suddenly disappear. In that case talk to the Weathered Rock to get her to spawn again.

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After you have given her Casian's medicine, she will reveal that she is a daughter of Einhasad, like Lilith, who assisted Shunaiman in his fight against the Children of Shilen.

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But unlike Lilith and her other siblings, the Angel disapproves of Einhasad's actions, thus rousing her mother's wrath and having to flee to the Wasteland. Everything the Fallen Angel says gets recorded in your Echo Crystal.

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11) Return with the Angel's Message to Grand Master Tobias in the Town of Gludio (again the item description is wrong). The Angel's story is too far removed from the orthodox and generally accepted doctrine of the Einhasad religion - Tobias thinks that clergy and nobility will simply refuse to listen to it. Nevertheless he will reward you with 89,046 adena, 223,036 exp and 13,901 SP. If you are level 44 or above you will only get the adena.