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by EllieBelly

1) This quest starts in Oren in the Grocery Store with Trader Galibredo. He asks that you retrieve some family relics from Timak Orcs.

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2) The Timak Orc Troop Leaders are found around Oren, and you can get the standard quest item of GalfRedo Romer's Bust or The Work of the ancient sculptor Berona. More on that in a bit.

Unless you one-shot the Troop leaders, once you start attacking they will spawn a Timak Warrior, Shaman, and Archer who will all attack you so be prepared!


3) When you have any amount of items go back to Galibredo and he will give you adena based on how many you brought back: there is a basic reward of 2,800a starting from the first Bust, then 120 a per Bust, and if you bring in 100 or more items you get an additional bonus of 5,000a.

Familyhonor6.jpg Familyhonor7.jpg

4) Next you have a few choices if you got the sculptor parts. You can either sell them outright to the store for 850 adena each:


or you can try your luck with Antique Dealer Patrin who is also in the Grocery Store.

Familyhonor9.jpg Familyhonor10.jpg

There are several things that can happen to your sculptor parts. It will either BREAK giving you nothing at all:


or it will be a Replica which is only worth 425 adena.

Familyhonor12.jpg Familyhonor14.jpg

or it will be a FORGERY worth even less at 280 adena.

Familyhonor13.jpg Familyhonor15.jpg

or it will be an original worth 1,700

Familyhonor16.jpg Familyhonor19.jpg

or finally it could be a prototype which is worth 8,500.

Familyhonor17.jpg Familyhonor18.jpg

Seeing that when I turned in my full stash I got 5 that were forgeries, 12 that were replicas, 8 that were broken, and only 1 prototype and 3 genuine you would make more money selling them outright rather than taking them to Patrin.