Fantasy Wine

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Minimum Level: 20 Party: .
Start Location: Town of Dion Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Harlan Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: Old wine

1 This quest starts in the Town of Dion at the exit by the Einhasad Temple with Guard Harlan. He wants you to hunt Enku Orc Shaman and Champions to get items to make some wine. You'll need a lot, 100 of one item and 80 of another. If you want to tell him no that's up to you, I went with the agreeable answers. I did this quest in CT2 Gracia and it hasn't changed at all.

Fantasywine1.jpg Fantasywine2.jpg Fantasywine3.jpg Fantasywine4.jpg Fantasywine5.jpg

2 These mobs are literally right outside of Dion, north. You should get 1 per mob but it still means killing 180 mobs total.


3 When you have all the items return to Harlan and he will reward you with a wine that goes in your regular inventory. I got 30 year old wine worth 3,950a but there are also 2 other types, 15 years worth 2,950a and 60 years worth 15,450a. You can either sell them to the shop or use them in the Grand Feast quest.

Fantasywine7.jpg Fantasywine8.jpg Fantasywine9.jpg Fantasywine10.jpg