For Sleepless Deadmen

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1) This quest starts in Aden in the Einhasad Temple with High Priest Orven. Easy quest, kill Doom Servants, Doom Archers, and Doom Guards and bring back 60 quest items.

Forsleeplessdeadmen1.jpg Forsleeplessdeadmen2.jpg Forsleeplessdeadmen3.jpg Forsleeplessdeadmen4.jpg Forsleeplessdeadmen5.jpg Forsleeplessdeadmen6.jpg

2) Go to the Fields of Massacre which is right by Devastated Castle and these mobs can be found all around this area. The drop rate is so-so; it took me about 2 hours.


3) Back at Orven you have to deal with him wasting a bit of your time and you will receive random A grade accessory (shield, jewelry) parts.

Forsleeplessdeadmen8.jpg Forsleeplessdeadmen9.jpg Forsleeplessdeadmen10.jpg