For the Sacrificed

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Minimum Level: 65 Party: Party/Solo
Start Location: Blazing Swamp Repeatable: Daily
Start NPC: Adventurer Guide in any town Updated to: Goddess of Destruction - Harmony
Requirements: Available during levels 65-69
Rewards: 118 500 adena, 3 904 500 exp, and 2 813 550 SP

1  Talk to the Adventurer's Guide NPC. He sends you to Blazing Swamp to kill Judge of Marsh, Tulben, Glow Wisp, Hames Orc Scout, Marsh Predator, Conjurer, Lava Wyrm, Hames Orc Footsoldier, Conjurer Bat Lord, Hames Orc Sniper, Cursed Guardian, Hames Orc Shaman, and Hames Orc Overlord.

2 Once you have 30 items of Blazing Swamp Ash, go to Priest Ross in Aden temple and get your reward.