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Fortune Bugs are no longer part of the game as of High 5 part 4. Replaced by Lucky Pigs.

Fortune bugs are some sort of harmless creatures(newly added in the gracia update), that should be fed and killed afterwards to drop items. They are located in Isle of Prayer, Forest of the Dead, Valley of Saints.

For some reason they speak, but they don't say anything of importance. For example they may say "I'm Full" and "Im not hungry anymore" but you just feed them anyways. So remember, don't care what they say.

Also, it doesn't matter what you feed them with. Either its 1 adena or its blessed scroll enchant weapon S, its the same for them. We prefer 1 adena since its the cheapest item in game :)

Here is a droplist based on my testings: nothing eaten = no drop 1-90 items eaten = adena 1k-9k (pretty simple :D) 91+ may be :

  1. adena
  2. 1 mithril alloy , 8-15 steel , 8-15 coarse bone powders
  3. 13-15 mithril alloys , 34-36 steel , 40 - 45 coarse bone powders (pretty rare. For some reason I get it only on 91 items eaten)
  4. Scroll enchant weapon A (never dropped this for myself,just heard others that dropped it)

1  Place your inventory and your adena slot exactly this way


2  Drag the adena icon a little to the right,and confirm button will be in front of your cursor


3  Just press the "confirm" with a click and ...


4  Your 1 adena drop is a success!!!


5  Repeat step 1 :)

6  After you've dropped enough items for the bug to eat, kill it to obtain your reward.

KakashiHatake from Luna server/RoronoaZoro from official forums,

Good luck feeding those :D