Four Goblets

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Minimum Level: 74 Party: .
Start Location: Imperial Tomb Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Nameless Spirit Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: Four Goblets

1 This quest starts at the bottom of Imperial Tomb with the Nameless Spirit. After he gives you a run down on how the place works, he notes that you can give the used sepulcher pass to the Ghost Chamberlain of Elmoreden to return here.

Fourgoblets1.jpg Fourgoblets2.jpg Fourgoblets3.jpg Fourgoblets4.jpg Fourgoblets5.jpg Fourgoblets6.jpg Fourgoblets7.jpg Fourgoblets8.jpg Fourgoblets9.jpg Fourgoblets10.jpg Fourgoblets11.jpg Fourgoblets12.jpg Fourgoblets13.jpg

2 Enter the Four Sepulchers enough times to kill all 4 Raid Bosses at the end of each one.

You will get a Goblet from each Raid Boss. Return to the Nameless Spirit who will exchange them for an Antique Brooch.