Gather Ingredients for Pie

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by EllieBelly

1) This quest starts at level 34, in Dion with Emily who is near the east exit of the town. She asks you to bring 100 Honey Pouches to help her make a pie.

Gatheringredientsforpie1.jpg Gatheringredientsforpie2.jpg Gatheringredientsforpie3.jpg

2) You can get the Honey Pouches from Wasp Leaders and Wasp Workers around the Beehive south of Floran. The drop rate is pretty good, I'd estimate 50%. When you have 100 go back to Emily.

Gatheringredientsforpie4.jpg Gatheringredientsforpie5.jpg

3) Emily asks you to go to the Grocery Store and get some spice from Trader Lara.

Gatheringredientsforpie6.jpg Gatheringredientsforpie7.jpg

4) Lara hands over the spice with no fuss.

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5) Then Emily asks for another thing. which is to go talk to her son, Guard Bright.

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6) Bright is a few steps over at the east exit of Dion. He gives you the Fruit Basket.

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7) Emily rewards you at random with 25,000 adena or basic materials.

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Here a complete list of the possible rewards:
25,000 adena
50 Iron Ore
50 Varnish
50 Coal
50 Charcoal