Going into a Real War, Let's Go to the Training Ground!

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Minimum Level: 1 Party: -
Start Location: Talking Island Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Evain Updated to: Goddess of Destruction
Requirements: Searching for the Mysterious Power
Rewards: 9000 adena, 300 exp, and 1500 SP

When you talk to Evain for the next quest, he tells you to go to Holden.
Morelearning.png Evilfragments.png Toarealwar.png

When you talk to Holden, he only has one option.
It sends you to the underground Training Grounds.

When you are inside, kill all of the Husk Crawlers.

When all of the Husk Crawlers are dead, talk to Guard. He will give you soulshots or spiritshots, and tells you how to use them.
Guardshots.png Shortcutshots.png
He then tells you to kill more Husk Crawlers, with your shots activated, of course. Talk to him again to spawn the crawlers.

When the Crawlers are dead, talk to Aymen to exit the cave, and talk to Shannon.
Shannontaughtme.png Evaindidtoo.png

Video Walkthrough