Good Day to Fly

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Minimum Level: 75 Party: -
Start Location: Gracia Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Lekon Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Requirements: -
Rewards: 25160 experience, 2525 sp, Spellbook - Aurabird Falcon or Aurabird Owl

1  Head out to the Gludio Airship Field from Gludio. Get on the airship and head out to the Keucereus Alliance Base. When you get there go see Engineer Lekon (one tier below the one you landed on)

Gooddaymap.jpg Gooddaytofly1.jpg Goodday1.jpg Goodday2.jpg Goodday3.jpg Goodday4.jpg Goodday5.jpg

2  He gives you a choice of transforming into an Aurabird Falcon (melee type - harder to control, but travel faster) and an Aurabird Owl (magic type - easier to control, but travel slower)


3  Go and hunt Vulture Riders and Elite Riders using the skills that came with your transformation. They can be found southwest of the Keucereus Alliance Base as shown on the map. Highlight the skill on your hotbar and press spacebar to attack the riders.

This process takes a while, and is a bit hard until you get used to it.

Gooddaytofly map.jpg Gooddaytofly3.jpg

4  You will need to obtain 5 Rider's Marks. You can get one for each kill. Once you have all five of the items go back to Lekon. Once you complete this quest you earn 25,160 exp and 2525 SP. You also get a Spellbook - Aurabird Falcon or Spellbook - Aurabird Owl.

Gooddaytofly marks.jpg Gooddaytofly4.jpg